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July 30, 2005

music wanted

Filed under: music, life — suzanne henderson @ 2:47 pm

A while ago, I lost all of my mp3 collection. This was a pretty impressive collection while still probably minor compared to most of my friends. Now, I am not a big music fan, but I did realize the importance of music once I no longer had it. So, what I need now is to catch up on some albums that I am missing. In theory, I will buy these some day, but it takes me so long to get around to that. I’ll start the list in the meantime.

Are You Shpongled Voices on the Verge: Live in Philadelphia Oceania Fragments of Freedom

[Jess Klein] (especially “Flattery”)
[Beth Amsel]
[Erin McKeown]
[Fat Boy Slim]
[Nanci Griffth]

and more once I think of it.