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February 20, 2008

OS X Mail Rules and User Intelligence

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For months I’ve been very frustrated about the limited power of mail’s rules to do what I want. What I wanted was to review all messages from an email list I’m on and only keep the ones with a certain subject line. To try and make do, I made rule after rule deleting all the messages with other subject lines but that wasn’t enough and was too labor intensive too.

I saw that applescripts could be of some help but I didn’t want to go that direction. What I really wanted was the ability to say if message matched x and any of y (with lots of variables) then do z.

After months of random search failures, my brain finally flipped on a switch when it remembered that the rules are run in order of preference and that I could simply make two rules to do what I wanted. The first rule found the messages I wanted to keep and sorted them into the proper folder. The second rule deleted everything else. Here I spent so much time being frustrated when a rather simple solution was waiting for me the entire time.

I still feel like it would be useful if you could have rules that with more options that just “match any” or “match all” because I can see lots of instance where you’d want to run a rule on all messages from a certain sender that match a variety of (aka “any”) variables. As far as I can tell, short of writing an applescript to do this, it isn’t an option at this time.

August 31, 2007

argh, google’s picasa complaint

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I’ve finally found a complaint for google’s picasaweb — no hit counters on the images - gak! I’ve been posting links to my craft room renovation and wanted to know how many times it’s been looked at — flickr seems so much more on the ball with the community/social aspect of picture sharing, I’m amazed that google didn’t realize that this would be something people would want. sigh.

argh, I’m so mad that I’ve lost all this potential data — had I known that, I would have posted all my craft room pics on flickr instead. I’ll probably go ahead and move those pictures over, but that doesn’t get back the data points I’ve lost on the links to picasaweb.. bad google, bad bad google.

August 19, 2007

data retrieved!!!

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i’m so excited! Chris found the external drive chassi today and I finally got to test whether or not my old laptop hard drive still had data on it. It did and I’m so happy to have all the files back. They’re a bit scattered at the moment and I hope to pull everything together soon in a managable fashion, in the meantime I’m quite please that I have my data back and my music. I’ve added a lot to itunes since losing my laptop and it’s a nice to have these extra files around.

Next step now that I know the drive still works is to swipe it off and try with a new install. Myabe that’ll get us somewhere and then maybe Alex will get a computer or maybe Chris will want to have it. It’d be a hard choice for who to get it to.

But Alex still has her imac which last I recall only needed a new power supply. The old hard drive died and was replaced, but upon start up it sounds awful and I don’t want a bad power supply killing another disc if that is indeed what happened to it. I think it’d be good for her to get another computer, though I’m not sure I’m up for the arguments about how much time she can be on it.

Anyways, happy me, my laptop now has a complete set of data!!!!!

August 2, 2007

Hating Comcast Right Now

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Argh, we’re internet-less again because comcast is clueless.

Problem 1:

We moved and took our modem with us. We had to set up a new account because for some stupid reason they couldn’t move our service to the new county. Fine. New account created, tech spends more than 2 hours installing the wiring and then we have internet. “You must have had internet before, your modem is already online.”

Internet keeps working at new house until I finally get around to calling and canceling the connection at the old house. Suddenly internet stop work at the new house — why? Because the modem data was connected to the old house the tech didn’t bother making sure it was properly transferred to new account.

Spent 45 minutes on hold Tuesday night, gave up.
Called first thing Wednesday morning, took 40 minutes to find our account because the put the phone number in wrong. Spent another 40 minutes adding the modem to the new account and removing it from the old. Tech says there is an billing account code problem and can’t go any farther - sent to billing, billing has no clue, sent back to tech and put on hold for 10 minutes — I call billing back and supposed someone “enters the right code” and sent back to tech. One hold for 30 minutes, I had enough time to shower while alex waited on hold for me. Seems that there is still a problem with the modem data and they need their national techs to fix the problem at this point, hopefully someone will get to it by Friday at the earliest. Friday!

I asked if I bought a new modem if we could just get that set right up until the fix the problem with the old one. Sure he says.

Problem 2:
Go to town, buy new modem, come home and call again. On hold for 20 minutes before getting a tech. Finally get all the data to them, took about 30-45 minutes, then their activation tech or whatever says their system is down and they won’t be able to enter the information for 24-48 hours (ummm, that’ll be Friday).

So now, I have two modems and no internet service because comcast can’t figure out how to enter the new modem data or remove modem data from another account — this is not rocket science here. So, now it’ll all probably get even more messed up because now there are two open tickets for update modem information and I’m sure that’ll screw everything up. But I’m supposed to wait 48 hours and call them back if it still don’t work.

Comcast sucks. Hanging out on the phone all day yesterday was not on my to-do list and to still not have internet makes me a very, very cranky customer. While all their service reps were very nice and friendly, didn’t make a bit of difference in getting things connected. Alex sat on hold for me several times so I could get some stuff done, had I been on hold the entire time, I’d be far more irate than I am now.

July 30, 2007


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moving is done - unpacking must happen - who cares!

just found this article for DIY large whiteboards and it reminded me of the many, many white boards and cork boards that got carried out of the house this weekend. What was great is that everyone was very observant of not wiping off the content and no one thought it odd that there was an endless stream of them flowing from the house. Yay, people who understand the immense value of having writable surface all throughout the house.

in other news, just stumbled on kinklessGTD and was considering giving it a go - i love lists - i love date linked item - perhaps I love to link it all together, but it needs OminOutliner and not sure I’m up for buying software just yet. Anyone use something like that?

July 20, 2007

Path Finder - A finder alternative?

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I’m considering getting Path Finder because I’m always pulling my hair out trying to use Finder on my mac to browse and manage files. My biggest complaint with Finder is not being able to set list view as the default. Instead I’m constantly battling icon and column view. Icon view has to be the most useless view I’ve ever see, but it seems to be the status quo state for finder. Perhpas Path Finder would be useful.

January 20, 2007

zen cart and dreamhost

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I’m working through the installation of Zen Cart on another domain and have found it to be rather sluggish. After getting annoyed with the delay, I did a quick search and stumbled upon a complaint about it running slow on DreamHost — Zen Cart slow on DreamHost?. This isn’t what I wanted to find after moving to this new host. You’d think that problems like these wouldn’t be common with software DH makes available through their one-click installs.

I’m gonna tinker with it some settings and see what I can get working faster. Thankfully, since it is a brand new domain with brand new content, I can just blow it all away and start over if I decide it isn’t worth it. It is so much fun to just rm everything in a folder and start over, I got lots of practice doing that moving xixstar over. :)

One thing I do enjoy about dreamhost is the addition and management of multiple domains. Click, I’ve got another domain. “cp” and suddenly it has content. :) Perhaps it has always been this easy and I just never bothered trying.

January 16, 2007

burst of energy = nothing new

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In the past 48 hours, xixstar.com has recieved the greatest burst of energy from me in over a year. What do I have to show for it? Nothing. All that work just to move from one server to another and get things working again. Now, there is a little to show for it on the back end because I’ve finally updated my very old version of my posting software, but other than that, same ol’ same ol’.

Does this mean that there will be new and exciting things happening here? Probably not. I’ve got another project lined up before updating xixstar, so it gets first dibs on the recent web-focused-energy I have. But hopefully I’ll make some changes soon — especially my photogallery that has been broken for a while and I don’t know why. I’m thinking that I forgot to set up the database when I moved to my previous server and its been broken ever since - if so, I’m pretty lame. Luckily, I still have data on lithium that I can pull over, otherwise, I’d be screwed for getting it working again.

So, thats whats new, a bunch of nothing and a little of something. I’m gonna try to keep up with book reviews since I’ve been reading so much lately. I’m really behind and most of the recent reviews were books read almost a year ago for the first time. I also have a $50 gift card to borders that I want to make use of. However, I find buying books more difficult than just picking them up from the library for free. I tend to check a book out, decide that it is worth owning, and then buy it. :)

August 12, 2005

laptop is home and going right back

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Aww, look another new hard drive and a still broken laptop. Well, they did replace my screen housing which has been damaged for quite a while. That also meant a whole new top case too, so it looks like a brand new computer lacking the scratches of my old top case. But, they didn’t fix the problem and I’m sending it right back along with sending a letter of complaint to apple. Cause, really, 3 support submissions and it is still broken.

I’m thinking about going up to Pennsylvania today. There is some Dutch country stuff that looks like it’d be interesting and it would be a nice quite solo vacation that I just might enjoy. But, it is going to be in the mid to upper 90s today, so I might decide to only go if I can find air conditioning, which is unlikely but still possible.

August 4, 2005

whoa nelly, back up now.

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I’m backing everything up on my laptop and planning on driving it to the apple store tomorrow and finally address the annoying sound board issue. this will be the third time that I will have it in the shop for this problem, so hopefully we’ll actually get somewhere this time. hopefully it’ll perform on demand for them or something. cause really, 3 times in for the same problem warrants something needs fixed. however, the solution is not a replaced harddrive, hopefully they won’t try that again. but, just in case, i’m backing everything up tonight.

i sure hate parting with my laptop for any period of time, hopefully it’ll pass quickly.

July 20, 2005

drowning in ideas…

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i need a flow chart or some organizational ideas…. pretty quick. so, i’m finally taking the time to do something with this site even though i know that it will be rather short lived since the semester will start up and then i’ll be drowning in deadlines and pta meetings again. and so, i need to figure out what to do. i thought i would just combine everything because that it what makes sense to me, it is easier for me to just pour everything here because it is who i am. i am a person who likes to read [books], make [art], do [geek] stuff (well kinda), go to [burner] events, enjoy my [family], [cook], and a whole lot more.

However, I don’t know the best approach. I feel like pulling in all of my [fishy] content, but can’t even begin to imagine how to do that. I sort of envy how [rob|rob carlson] has all of his content in one place but then, epistolary doesn’t serve the same purpose that xixstar or fishy needs to. Looks like I need to work on defining that purpose a bit more and figure out the best method for sharing this information with the world.

I like these cute little sites with the three little columns and all the information all nicely bundled, but that isn’t going to happen. i want to say what i want to say and then go on with whatever else there is to do. aww. to much to think about right now, i’ll just finish setting up [NetNewsWire] and see if I want to use it or not. If I do, looks like I’ll no longer need to open endless browser windows just to catch up on a few things. Of course, I kinda like doing that too. But, maybe then I can stay on top of the things I like even in the middle of the semester.

In life news: I managed to get [xixstar] and [fishy] fully functional before a dinner of mac and cheese with broccoli and a side of asparagus. as i was getting my glass of water, i looked out the window and noticed a turtle striding past my car. after alex and i had finished, we went out to see just how far the swift fellow had gone and took a few pictures in the too-little evening light.

July 15, 2005

learning something new

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there are all these basic things that most of my friends would consider basic, back of the hand knowledge, that I am just now finally grinding into my mind. like how to tar and compress up files. now, it isn’t all that complicated, but for some reason, it seemed like it was for a couple of years, sheeesh. well, so nothing fancy about what I’m learning, just tiddly-bit stuff, but I like it just the same. a lot of changes taking place and many file names are changing, so prolly gonna end up having everything broken for quite a while, but I don’t think I really care. Considering that everything is just linked up by stupid spam type search engines anymore, what does it matter?