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July 28, 2007

Moving is hard work, getting tired of it!

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We’re in active moving mode at this point, very active! Time has run out ad everything had gotta go. I made three trips there and back today and yesterday. I’m tired. But, despite the exhaustion I’ve been getting the craft room together:

July 20, 2007

Painting Almost Done!

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We’re almost done with painting the craft room, yay!. The walls are painted and the first coat of floor paint is on.

I spent some time hand chiseling the lines in the floor this morning to prepare for painting. Since I used the router to carve lines for a faux hardwood floor, I had to extend the lines to the wall to make it look a little more realistic (the router can’t go all the way to edge). I only did this in the craft room/dining room doorway, doing the whole room would be too time intensive and covered with furniture anyways.

With the floor ready to paint, Alex and I got to work. The first coat went on very quick and we just have to wait 8 hours before we can put the next coat on. I didn’t realize that I picked a floor paint color that looked like a vat of chocolate pudding. In fact, if it weren’t for the smell, Alex and I would have been wielding spoons instead of paint brushes.

The walls ended up being much darker than I wanted. Lighting plays a big part on the color and at night it seems really bold. Sunlight washes is out pretty well to the color I was hoping for (like in the flash photo above) but unfortunately, that room only gets sunlight for a couple hours in the morning in the summer. It’ll brighten up a lot when winter gets here and the northern shade tree has lost it’s leaves.

The floor seems like a pretty good color overall. Now I need to get some version of white for the trim and the windows. The plan was to leave the stripped windows at bare wood, but they don’t look that great and I’m not up for spending anymore energy on them to make them look better.

Right now the dining room floor is also calling out to me. It needs some sort of a protective layer but with all the moving going on and it being the main foot traffic area, I may be out of luck for doing anything other than spot treatment at this point. I shouldn’t have procrastinated so long and picked a option and got to work, sometimes my indecisiveness drives me nuts.

July 17, 2007

More Craft Room - Flooring Progress

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When I decided to leave the craft room floor as plywood, I googled painted floors. One option I found was this great faux hardwood floor look where you route lines on the floor to make it look like the real thing:

As time was running out on getting the craft room done, I just gave up on this idea. But for some reason, yesterday motivation struck and Alex and I set to work. It didn’t take long using the router and I’m happy with the results:

Next up is painting the walls and floor.

February 22, 2003

closet organization

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Since were going to have a slight change in the number of adults living in this house, we need to change our closet organization. So Rob and I have to move our closet upstairs.