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December 31, 2011

New Years Resolutions…

Filed under: life — suzanne henderson @ 2:19 pm

I used to think I wasn’t a resolutions kinda of gal. I scoffed at the idea that we’d all make some big life improvements tied to the changing of the calendar, it seems simple-minded and ridiculous. Well, things change. Actually, I’m still not really looking to make impossible lists to frame the start of a new year, but I have embraced the power over setting goals, making plans and repeating affirmations as a way to get where you want to be.

I feel like I spend about 30% of my day in the pursuit of improvement. Typically it’s more intellectual pursuit than practical application, but I feel like making life better is a cornerstone of my days. Whether developing better ways to respond to tantrums, justifying ways to accept or tackle the clutter in my life or re-affirming my desires in order to re-frame my reactions to situations. I know that thought is not as strong as action, but I continue to hold firm that if I think about it long enough it’ll slowly turn into reality. And honestly, that has been my experience thus far - change may not be as swift as focusing only on the actions, but it’s still changing and things are always improving.

I have great hopes for the upcoming year and I can see wonderful things happening. The littles are slowly leaving that emotionally intense, super-clingy, drain-away-your-life-force infant stage and just moving into the more general childhood stage. I finally feel like I’m turning back into a person a bit more and more. I now see how wrong I was when I convince myself, and Chris, that having two closely spaced children would only be torture for a year - nope, make that two years of insanity. But we’re on the upswing now and it’s not been all bad, though I freely admit I’m not sure how much I really can recall about the past two years. :)

I don’t have a list ready and waiting for posting as my resolutions grow organically and shift and change over the days. Instead I spend time daily thinking about what I want and realigning how I’m getting there or accepting if it’s just a line item that makes me feel better to say. I’m trying hard to have less of the latter and more of the true desires manifesting in my life. I have some really big goals for this year, some are life changing big, and I can’t wait to share the success in reaching them. For now, lets just say that my new years resolution is to keep moving forward, making life better, and enjoying it more each day.