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December 8, 2010

It’s family stuff or nothing.

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I stopped blogging a couple weeks ago — well at least 130 weeks ago, though probably longer. I kept thinking that if I didn’t have anything of interest to say, I’d just shut up. Well.. that got boring. But the only thing that happens consistently around here, and is the most probable source of content, is family life. So, family life it is. You can read it or leave it - I don’t mind.

Charlotte is 8 months old and is developing a sense of entitlement to everything her sister owns and is doing. I don’t think she realizes that she isn’t 2 years old, too, and instead just butts right in where she can. Sometimes that means a spectacular, head-over-heels with a double-somersault-flip when the rightfully-2-year-old disagrees with the jockeying for position and attention.

Sara is 28 months old (2.5 years for those mathematically challenged) and awakening to the world of language. We’re still in this non-ending loop of repetition.
“Sara, did you want another cracker?”
“Another cracker.”
“Sara, do you need to potty?”
“to potty”
“Yes or no”
“Yes, no”
“Sara, no or yes?”
“no, yes”
So we’re not to the stage of deep and meaningful conversations, yet. But at least I can shape her expectations in how I phrase a question and she seems happy to accept whatever repeated-answer I wanted her to give. Though more amusing is the moments when she lets out a sentence or two of amazing insight — I imagine more will come with time.

Alex is fifteen — is there a lot more to say about that? Well, there is actually. She has entered high school and I think she likes it. She played soccer on the JV team and is now playing basketball on the freshman team. School and spots pretty much fill all of her time, so I don’t get to see her as much as I’d like.

Chris and I are just treading water most days but life is good in a million different ways.

so there, maybe I’ll update again in anther 100+ weeks.