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February 9, 2009

taking pictures

Filed under: life — suzanne henderson @ 1:59 pm

I love my digital camera… I’ve had it for 6 years or so and it’s a regular little workhorse. I’ve banged and slammed and knocked it about so many times but it keeps on clicking. I used to drag it with me everywhere I went, constantly looking for any and every shot I could get. And then time passed. Now I use my camera a lot of business purposes as my flickr friends probably notice, but I don’t take fun shots with it.

Sara is over 6 months old now and I haven’t taken a picture of her in weeks. I want to mark her growth and development in pictures, but my camera is never at the ready or there is some other excuse in my mind for why I should take pictures. I think I moved from taking photos for myself to taking photos for others. So now, if the living room is a mess, I hesitate to take a shot because I wouldn’t want to share my cluttered life with the world.

But, my cluttered life is my life. I’m not a good housekeeper, I never have been. Only taking pictures in a freshly cleaned room is rather misleading and certainly not a true “moment in time” memory either. So I either need to suck it up and take pictures of my lovely girls, messy background and all, or I need to start cleaning like a mad woman. Oh, but even a clean house is a cluttered house with Chris’ ever-towering piles of things. So really, what am I waiting for, I need to get some pictures of these girls before they move on and move out of my house. How sad a say when I won’t have their beautiful smiles to wake up to.