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July 28, 2009


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a dear friend has pointed out how silent this site has been. It’s not for lack of desire to write, I often come up with something I’d love to share as I’m driving down the road or otherwise out and about and not near a computer. And I can’t say that it’s a lack of time online that is keeping things so quiet either since I still manage to spend way too much time on the computer each day. I guess I’ve just felt that there was no one listening anymore and that there wasn’t much to say.

Life is busy and it’s been so long since I’ve found inspiration for written commentary, I’ve wondered how I ever found it possible to write at all. Sara turned one last week and I can’t really say where that year went. It’s gone both super fast and excruciating slow at times. Tonight is one of those slow times. We’re up now, almost midnight, after a couple hours of crying when I finally gave up that sleep was ever going to happen and decided to drag us both back downstairs. Now she’s playing with a pair of starry socks and taking bites of yogurt here and there as I wonder when we’ll get back to bed.

This is soccer training camp week for Alex, so she’s on the field all morning long Monday through Friday this week. Next week regular practices start back up after a nice little break. Just a few short weeks from now will bring us to the Gettysburg Tournament and then weekly games will start again. I’m also signing her up to play rec (she’s been playing travel/competitive soccer this past year) with some of her friends as well, though that coach realizes that her primary team takes preference. I don’t really think she needs more soccer in her week, but it’s something she loves and wants to do, so why not? The rec games and practices she can ride her bike to and manage on her own time, so it’s not as much of a commitment from the family. It’s the 4 hours a week of travel team practice and the games that can be in another state on the weekends that takes the commitment from all of us.

Our old house hasn’t falled over yet, though I often wonder if it might just happen out of the blue. We still have half of our sad tree threatening to collapse on us at any moment. The garden grew in possibility this year but not in actuality. We have garlic curing in the shed, lettuce has all finally bolted to seed, and broccoli is probably on hold for the next few weeks. I think we managed to plant about 16 tomato plants, a couple pepper plants, and we have a rouge squash plant emerging from the compost bin. They’re all poking along and soon we’ll have some more fresh produce for the table. Fall might bring some cabbage and brussels sprouts since they’re always so slow going when started in spring.

Our adventures in chickens has been very depressing this past 2 months. We lost 6 chickens in that time and are now down to just one lonely bird. I’m very disappointed in the entire process and our complete failure to manage the chickens properly. I’m not sure if we should keep the lone bird or let her join a friend’s flock. A fox and maybe the neighbors dog got the majoirty of the birds and our own stupidity got one (well honestly, our stupidity caused the loss of all of them, but one getting caught in our own trap was a whole different level of dumb). Alex and I killed and processed that bird and the meat is still in my fridge — I’m not sure if I’ll be up to cooking it anytime soon.

My sewing business keeps me busy as I’ve added a monthly market and a weekly farmer’s market to my grouping of shows. I feel like I’m always behind and that I’ll never catch up. Some days I want to just give up completely and just sew up all the fabric I have and give items away for free. But our budget isn’t going to let that happen anytime soon. Plus, I have so much fabric, that task would be another job in and of itself. I am pleased that things are going so well though, not everyone that works from home can say the same lately.

Well Sara is blowing raspberries on my leg, not sure if this is a sign that she’s ready to sleep or that I might need to take a cot to the soccer field to catch up tomorrow instead. Hopefully we’ll be to sleep soon and hopefully I’ll post again before 6 months or more passes.