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February 16, 2009

My Coupon Savings of $107.35 ($119.35)

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Coupon Savings: $107.35

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Having learned about the exciting world of coupon savings, I decided to go in for a major shopping trip to save as much as I could. We shopped at two stores (located in the same parking lot) and bought $149.89 worth of stuff for just $42.54 out of pocket. We used $107.35 worth of coupons!!! (oops, just noticed I missed $12 in coupons, will go today to correct this and then out total savings will be $119.35 and just $30.54 out of pocket).

If you’re interested in how…

To prepare, we first needed to get more coupons than what I’d collected from a couple weeks of Sunday papers. I’d read about people dumpster diving in recycling dumpsters for coupon inserts and I wasn’t sure if that was something I’d be willing to do. Saturday afternoon, Alex came downstairs moping that she was bored, there was nothing to do, there was no one to play with. So, I suggested we go dumpster diving. She really wasn’t interested, but she didn’t have any better suggestions so we jumped in the car and headed off to a dumpster I’d noticed the day before.

Alex climbed right into the dumpster and I reached in from the side. We ended up with a decent chunk of coupons after about 20 minutes of searching. Alex had so much fun she wanted to go find some more dumpsters, so we went cruising the countryside and found 3 more but decided that a Sunday visit would be better for those. Sunday morning, we set off for more diving and came home with even more coupons (and a dozen donuts).

That evening, we filed the intact inserts, scanned the sales and made up a shopping list. I also cross referenced coupon databases to know which coupons to take with us and cut out any that we needed from the filed inserts. In all, it took about an hour to an hour and half of time with us both working together. It’s a fun family actvitiy since Alex is super excited that we’ll get some items for free that we usually don’t buy at all (pizza rolls).

I put my shopping list on an envelope and stores all the coupons I knew I’d be using in there. I took my other cut and sorted coupons with us, just in case. There were several items we picked up after looking through the extra coupons we hand and we’ll probably look for more in our filed inserts to use on our next trip. We stocked up on items that we use often and purchased items that were free after coupons. Items we got for free: cake frosting, candy bars, sour cream, soda, pizza rolls, snack chips, listerine strips, mustard and tuna mixes. The cereal and poptarts were a little splurge since we’ve not been buying cereal lately and poptarts are a workplace staple for Chris and worth stocking up on for $1/box. Also, the soups were $0.25 each and a luxury item for us. The best non-free deal with the $1/pound for shredded cheese, I’ll probably be looking for more coupons to stock up on more cheese.

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February 9, 2009

taking pictures

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I love my digital camera… I’ve had it for 6 years or so and it’s a regular little workhorse. I’ve banged and slammed and knocked it about so many times but it keeps on clicking. I used to drag it with me everywhere I went, constantly looking for any and every shot I could get. And then time passed. Now I use my camera a lot of business purposes as my flickr friends probably notice, but I don’t take fun shots with it.

Sara is over 6 months old now and I haven’t taken a picture of her in weeks. I want to mark her growth and development in pictures, but my camera is never at the ready or there is some other excuse in my mind for why I should take pictures. I think I moved from taking photos for myself to taking photos for others. So now, if the living room is a mess, I hesitate to take a shot because I wouldn’t want to share my cluttered life with the world.

But, my cluttered life is my life. I’m not a good housekeeper, I never have been. Only taking pictures in a freshly cleaned room is rather misleading and certainly not a true “moment in time” memory either. So I either need to suck it up and take pictures of my lovely girls, messy background and all, or I need to start cleaning like a mad woman. Oh, but even a clean house is a cluttered house with Chris’ ever-towering piles of things. So really, what am I waiting for, I need to get some pictures of these girls before they move on and move out of my house. How sad a say when I won’t have their beautiful smiles to wake up to.