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August 20, 2008

Our First Eggs

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Our First Eggs

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Our chickens started laying eggs this weekend. On Saturday Chris found an egg in the chicken tractor on Saturday. Sunday he found another egg in the bushes near the smoke house — woot, someone was laying.

We were pretty sure we knew who too - one of the ladies had taken to some very loud, awkward squawking that actually got us out of bed early on Saturday thinking something was getting attacked. I guess chickens kinda freak out a little when they first start laying - a “what the hell is going on!” type of muttering.

We put a makeshift nest box in the tractor on Sunday but the chickens ended up just knocking it over. Monday morning, I let the chickens out, much to the urging of our squawking chicken. I also threw down some scratch grains (which is like crack for chickens) and the laying hen took a peck or two but then rushed over to the bushes to take care of business. I got to spy on her a bit, but left her in peace to take care of business. Sure enough, half an hour later, Alex came in with a still warm egg.

Monday night, Chris built a beefier nest box and placed it in the tractor. Tuesday morning when we went to check, we found 2 eggs in there — someone else is laying too. Were not sure if this second hen just started laying, or if she’d been hiding them better, and maybe we’ll never know. Alex searched the property again, but never found another egg.

So, we now have one hen laying the cutest little brown eggs and one laying slightly larger, lighter, slightly pink eggs. Hopefully the other 7 hens’ development will be delayed and we’ll stick to just getting 2 eggs a day for a while. Because once we’re getting 9 a day, life is going to get interesting.

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