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January 23, 2008

need a good gender neutral color scheme

Filed under: creative — suzanne henderson @ 10:34 pm

I’ve been working on increasing my sewing and have really umped into sewing for babies and children. What I need now is a really good neutral color scheme, or a collection of more than one. What I hate is pink/blue and the default yellow/green. Blah.

I’d love to have one, two, or three primary color schemes that I can constantly build upon that are gender neutral — haha. That sounds so easy, but it seems to always come out much harder than it should. Oh, and a primary color scheme isn’t about primary colors either. Brown seems rather popular these days, but it’s often softened with pairings with pink and blue to genderize it.

Oh to have an entire clothing line from 0 - 2T of completely gender neutral clothing — is that even possible or are people so driven to put that “Boy! Girl!” label on their child that they wouldn’t have use for an entire line of neutral clothing.

I know higher end stores often have children clothes that go beyond pink and blue, but they still often have very distinguishable boy/girl attributes. What to do to go completely beyond that…