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July 14, 2008

lost 1/2 our tree

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So, the sad tree has finally succumbed to it’s fate of instability. I was lying in bed, fighting back the miserableness of having now power and no fans and no a/c and no breeze for several hours this evening, when I heard a crack-thump…. crack… crack-thump….CRACK_SMASH_BAM. Since I’d been fighting the heat for hours at that point and wasn’t getting any sleep anyways, I started getting up to check it out. I was pretty sure it was our tree that fell this time, versus the neighbors’ much healthier trees that had lost lots of branches during recent storms. The loud crack also woke Chris who’d somehow managed to fall asleep in the sticky heat, much to my frustration and anger since I couldn’t do the same, and he was quickly up and ready to investigate too.

It only took a step outside to see half the tree had fallen - thankfully the back half. Initial inspection in the middle of the night during a light rain with no power showed no serious property damage other than to our ancient lawn mower. It seems some pretty hefty branches landed right on the steering wheel totally mangling it, so who knows if we’ll be able to fix it or not. I’m sure that if it’s possible, Chris will find a way to keep the 30-plus-year-old mower that came free with the house running. After the quick survey, Chris promptly moved his blazer out from under the other half of the tree because now we have no faith in it’s stability since it’s opposite ballast has fallen. Unfortunately, this is the side of the tree closest to the house and also where we lay our heads when we sleep… I’m thinking I might keep the opposite sleeping configuration we were in before the tree fell as we were trying to take advantage of any possible breeze coming in from the balcony.

As we were checking out the tree, the power finally came back on - oh what a relief. I was not looking forward to returning to my bed damp, hot, and sticky just to continue fighting the fact that I was too miserable to sleep. I will get pictures come daylight and we’ll now have a much sunnier yard than before. I’ll continue to worry about the stability of the rest of the tree in the mean time and I’m sure we’ll be taking most of the remaining tree down. Especially because the branch didn’t fall during any serious storm winds or anything, it just fell after some good soaking rains that it couldn’t hold up against any longer. I find the situation somewhat interesting because just the day before I was lying in the hammock inspecting that very branch and wondering about how it could be supporting the weight of it’s branches with it’s ever increasing extent of decay and damage.

It’s going to take a lot of work to get this tree cleaned up, but I’m sure Chris and Alex will be able to get it done and I’ll enjoy the fact that I’m in no condition to help. Chris estimated about 2 weeks of work to get it all cleaned up and sawed up. Before heading back in for the night, he rescued the chainsaw from the garden shed, just in case we lost the shed over night if the next branch fell.

Updated for pictures:

Sad Maple Tree Damage - Front View

We Lost 1/2 of our Sad Tree