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July 31, 2008

Harvest - 07/31/08

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Harvest - 07/31/08

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This is what we pulled out of the garden today. Our garden plots are seriously infested with weeds. I was actually just working on getting rid of the unwanted invaders, but ended up pulling out some produce as well.

The onions and shallots need to dry in the sun a bit — or I think they do. The turnips are huge and heavy — I don’t really like turnips all that much, but we need to cook them up because it’s too hot for cold storage at this point.

There are some tiny little beets — I planted them way too close together and then the turnips overshadowed them. I’m hoping that the ones that are left will grow a bit bigger as they get more room from the few beets I picked and the turnips.

We have some more broccoli that I need to go out and cut and our tomatoes are turning red. I took pictures of our garden plots, but I’m a little embarrassed as to the state of them and didn’t post them. Looking at the garden just reminds me that I know nothing about gardening — oh well, everything is a learning experience these days. Some day I’ll know plenty, for now playing in the dirt is fun.

I wanted to spend a while out in the garden, but my energy is still pretty low and I don’t have a baby monitor so I kept worrying that Sara was inside and crying and I didn’t know it.

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