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August 30, 2008

egg production increasing

Filed under: life — suzanne henderson @ 11:55 pm

Our chickens are upping the egg-anty. We now have 4 laying hens. Today we got our very first Green Egg (where are the pictures? I know!) from one of our Americana chickens. I assume that all 3 New Hampshire’s are laying and our Egyptian Americana (the lovely white one) based on their behaviors.

Today, we let them all out a bit earlier than usual and it was the day of strange behaviors. One chicken just kept following Chris around every where he went, not totally unusual, but just the way she was doing it. We eventually discovered that she’d hurt her foot on something, maybe she just wanted sympathy. The Egyptian one was getting into all sorts of strange places — like on top of one of our bushes, looking very uncomfortable about it too. We figure she was trying to find the perfect spot for laying — turns out she went and laid an egg in the tractor, the nest box was disassembled for cleaning and repairs. Another one kept trying to get into the vehicles as Chris was working on stuff. There were a few scratches on the new car (I’ll post about later) where she was trying to get in the trunk. She tried climbing into Chris’ van and at one point she finally got up in the Blazer and hunkered down by the gas and break pedals. Sure enough, a little while late we found an egg in the Blazer — she just needed a spot to lay I guess. And a fourth chicken went around to all of our open house windows and sang a little chicky-ditty — honestly, she wanted an audience and knew one of the windows would eventually produce one.

Chickens sure are interesting creatures and it made for an interesting and amusing morning.