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January 8, 2008

cost of responsibility?

Filed under: family — suzanne henderson @ 6:23 pm

Oftentimes, I think I’m a bit strict with Alex. For example, I just got an email from the school about a school-wide field trip. Seems permission slips were handed out yesterday and are due tomorrow or Thursday along with $20. It sounded like a fun trip and I was surprised that Alex hadn’t mentioned it. As we were going over homework, I brought it up and ask why she wasn’t asking to get it signed.

Of course, she’s managed to lose it already and insists that she’ll just bring it home tomorrow. Well, she wasn’t supposed to be going to school tomorrow due to a dentist appointment followed by an orthodontist appointment (and the insertion of a new appliance). So Alex freaks because she won’t get it returned in time — she doesn’t take a moment to think up other solutions, she just storms up to her room in tears.

Part of me, the nice part I guess, wants to offer suggestions that I’m sure will work. The other part, the more typical mean part, just wants to call it a loss since she didn’t think it was important enough to be responsible for. I certainly wouldn’t be the end of the world to miss a field trip — of course, there are other options that she just isn’t considering.

Perhaps I’ll send her to school in the morning anyways, but pick her up at about 8:15 or so. That’ll give her a small chance to solve the problem if she’s actually paying attention. I don’t really feel moved to suggest she make sure she takes care of it and instead view it as a second chance at being responsible. If she still hasn’t remembered the form upon pick up, perhaps too bad. Or, I just get the form while I’m there, but that feels a lot like enabling poor responsibility.

(this is where I should also remind myself she’s still just a kid)