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January 2, 2008

cold, sick day

Filed under: house, life — suzanne henderson @ 12:28 pm

Chris took a sick day today - in hopes of being able to catch up on enough rest and warmth to finally start feeling better. That sounded like a reasonable plan. He got up around 5am, but eventually came back to bed muttering about freezing and how it’s cause I turned the heat down. Guilty as charged. I keep the house around 54 at night, otherwise I get too hot to sleep. However, I noticed that it was much colder than usual; Normally, I’ve got all the covers kicked off in the mornings.

I finally got up at 6:30 to make sure Alex got off to school alright — she didn’t want to get moving, big surprise after the winter break. As I headed to the kitchen to make her lunch, I decided to give Chris a break and turn the heat up to 60. I turned the dial and nothing happen. I fliped on the light for a closer look — the thermostat was reading 50 degree, much lower than it should have been. Looks like our heat went out, what fun. I made Alex’s lunch and then went to break to bad news to Chris.

Minutes later he trudges out of bed, gets dressed, and descends to the basement. Yep, the boiler is out and a puddle of water surrounds it. Not a god sign. I put a call out for a local repairman recommendations and he starts to disassemble the boiler — ack. He left a couple hours ago in search of some parts - hopefully things will be warming up soon, but I’m not holding my breath.

I have to laugh, a bit, though because he sure likes to tease me on how cheap I can be. Yet, it seems that he has the same stubborn streak too. He was fussing about the fact that it’s highly likely that we may be dropping several grand on a new boiler, as though it’s the end of the world. I just reply that I’m thankful that if that is the case, we’ve got the money to do it. Of course, if his finagling can get it working for a few more months, more power to him. But I’m also fairly inclined to just get someone out here, get it fixed, and get on with things.