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January 14, 2008

car and alex update

Filed under: family, life — suzanne henderson @ 2:14 pm

I drove my new-clutch-enabled car this morning and ummm… ick. I LOVED my old clutch and how it functioned — much different than every other stick shift I’ve driven. It was relaxed, laid back, and provided the perfect amount of counter-pressure and length of engagement for a comfortable drive. When driving other people’s cars, I was always annoyed at their tight, stingy clutch. Most people who drove my car didn’t seem to care for the attributes I enjoyed either.

So now, I have a clutch with zero counter-pressure — it feels like I’m engaging air or something, no distinct, non-subtle signs of engagement. Also, it’s much shorter than before and seems pretty insistent in being pushed all the way to the floor (I have a long clutch, too the floor is quite a distance previously reserved for starting the car only) for every shifting activity. And, well, it’s just different. I’m going on 9 years and 150,000+ miles on my car and during that time I’ve gotten very acclimated to my clutch. Now, I’ve basically got a while new car and I’m not happy about it.

Oh well, it’s shifting and running beautifully now, so that is a big plus to be happy about. I’m sure that within the week I’ll barely notice the difference.

As for Alex’s issue with the field trip form, I’m very pleased to report that once she got past the tears of outrage, she finally figured out a solution — without any urging from me. Instead of sleeping in the next morning (bus normally arrives at 7am, dentist wasn’t until 10), she got up at the same time and ran up the street to ask a friend to bring her a copy of the form home from school. What a simple solution and I’m so glad she figured it out. She got the form from her friend that evening and went off to school the next day with money and permission to go on a just-for-fun school-wide field trip (along with new “fangs” as she calls ‘em — lookup the Mara appliance if you’re curious).