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January 21, 2008

brrr. hoping for a thaw soon.

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I’ve finally gotten over being too cheap to adequately heat the house, well mostly. We were running at 52 and night and 58 during the day. That eventually got a little old and I kicked it up some 6 degrees, which is great unless I forget to drop it down to mid-fifties at night as I’m roasting all night long. However, getting up in the morning is much easier when you don’t feel like your nose might chip off if your stumbling to the bathroom isn’t aimed well enough. I can certainly see the major, major benefits of a programmable thermostat and I’m seriously starting to wonder why were living in the dark ages. Sure, our house is almost 140 years old, but that doesn’t mean we have to forsake all the technology thats developed in that time frame.

So, now that I’ve joined the ranks of the only minorly-miserly home-heaters, I find it rather ironic that we woke up to frozen pipes in our kitchen this morning. I guess I’m not too surprised as the kitchen is always VERY cold and it is only supported with one lonely radiator (which is also supposed to support the tiny laundry/water room and downstairs bath). Sadly, my day was filled and I couldn’t deal with the problem, so we just turned off the water to that part of the house — in case it decided to thaw and the pipes are busted, which at this moment I find rather amusing that even thought that was a possibility with the sub-freezing temps extending throughout the day. So, finally at 7:30pm, I’m home and can try and assess the situation.

I’m trying to bring a little more heat into that part of the house with increased house temp — which is actually just back up to the new normal highs, as I forgot that I had dropped the thermostat pretty low this morning before realizing that the pipes were frozen — and a space heater too small to do anything at all. I don’t know why I think this will help, in fact, I’m sure it just wasting more electricity as it is still below freezing, only 20 degrees at the moment, and the pipes run through an inaccessible, uninsulated part of the house. Honestly, my only real hope is to wait for tomorrows projected rise up above freezing, however brief it may be, and continued optimism that we’re only dealing with a little frozen water and not a busted pipe as well.

If I see no progress before sleep overtakes me, I’ll be shutting the water back off to the kitchen and heading to bed just to repeat the process tomorrow afternoon when I’m back home again. I certainly don’t want to leave things open and find that water gushing into the night isn’t enough to wake me from a warm and cozy slumber. Especially not when it could magically extend across the wall to our oil and propane tanks and freeze their low, lying lines up as well. One benefit of the cold, it’ll keep the frozen pipes frozen for now and judging by the forecast, provide plenty of time to wait till the weekend before seeing if taking up the kitchen floor is the next required step.

oh and in case I’ve not reminded myself enough recently, this is what comes to those in love with old houses.