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August 7, 2008

9 - 10 - 9

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Crap, this is depressing. Turns out that our missing chicken was still alive the day before yesterday and yesterday. The neighbors noticed it running about the yard yesterday and chained their dog up. The dad eventually went out to get it and she was looking really bad. He got Chris’ attention in the evening (8pm-ish) and she was still alive but looked terrible. Most of her wings were gone and she’d obviously been chewed a great deal, but it wasn’t clear if anything had broken the skin. The neighbor handed over a live bird to Chris and they chatted a bit, the bird flapping and bit and what not, and then it just went limp. Chris thought it’d just exhausted itself. He brought it in to show me, did I mention how bad she looked ?, and I said she sure looked dead. Sure enough, she’d finally just give up and died.

We’re both pretty upset by this, though I was hiding it fairly well cause a million other things were calling my attention at that time. Chris was upset thinking that if he hadn’t chatted with the guy a bit and had prompty brought her back to try and care for her, that she would have lived. I don’t know if thats true or not, she was pretty mangled looking.

I’m pissed that I didn’t call the neighbors as I had planned. I was just going to call and let them know that the chicken got in their yard and looks to have been eaten. Mostly wanted them to know we were aware of it and also weren’t upset by it, since it wasn’t their fault. Since we’d gone and talked to them before when their dog got out and attacked our chickens, I had wanted to just make sure we kept up a positive relationship with them and didn’t want a dead chicken in their yard to freak them out a bit. If I’d done that, then we’d probably have a living chicken because it’d mean one less day of being a play thing for a big dog (would have called Tuesday, they didn’t notice her until Wednesday).

Sigh, I wasn’t this upset when I just thought she’d been eaten. Now feeling negligent in the care of our chickens, I feel like crap over a stupid chicken that crawled into the dog yard - sigh. And, as I said, Chris was really upset about this as well, especially in realizing the chicken lived up until we had her back. Also, we lost the chance to make the decision to go ahead and kill her (which we probably would have since she looked so bad) and put her in the freezer. I’m not sure what the time limit is on bleeding out birds, but I’m sure it’d passed and honestly, at that point, I really wasn’t up to doing it. Sigh.