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January 20, 2007

zen cart and dreamhost

Filed under: life, geek — suzanne henderson @ 10:08 pm

I’m working through the installation of Zen Cart on another domain and have found it to be rather sluggish. After getting annoyed with the delay, I did a quick search and stumbled upon a complaint about it running slow on DreamHost — Zen Cart slow on DreamHost?. This isn’t what I wanted to find after moving to this new host. You’d think that problems like these wouldn’t be common with software DH makes available through their one-click installs.

I’m gonna tinker with it some settings and see what I can get working faster. Thankfully, since it is a brand new domain with brand new content, I can just blow it all away and start over if I decide it isn’t worth it. It is so much fun to just rm everything in a folder and start over, I got lots of practice doing that moving xixstar over. :)

One thing I do enjoy about dreamhost is the addition and management of multiple domains. Click, I’ve got another domain. “cp” and suddenly it has content. :) Perhaps it has always been this easy and I just never bothered trying.