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April 28, 2007

summer options for Alex

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Since summer is fast approaching, I need to figure out what were going to do with Alex. Normally this is a simply process: ship her off to Oklahoma after camp. But, since there will be no oklahoma this summer (due to recent behaviors, we’ve decided she needs to stick around home), I’ve got to find other options.

To furthure complicate matters, there are a few relevant variables up in the air that can affect our summer activity choices:

1. Where we’ll be living! Supposedly we close on our house in June - but I know that all sorts of things can go wrong - and nothing is certain until keys are in hand.
2. Where I’ll be working! Maybe I keep the job I hate, maybe I move on.
3. What we can afford! Well, this isn’t really a big factor since we can’t afford summer-time care but we also can’t let miss untrustable stay home during the day either.

We drove up to the house for the termite inspection (sigh, it’s got bugs) and looked around the area and local library. I came home with a whole mes of fliers, magazines, and pamphlets of youth summer activities. So, our summer options currently include (assuming we move as expected):

1. Catoctin Quaker Camp - this is a given and will be Alex’s third year. The camp is awesome and I feel that it is an exceptional place for Alex to be. It also comes with a pretty steep price tag of $900 for the two week sleep-away camp. Thankfully we’ve actually received consistent-enough child support to cover it!

2. Time for Kids Summer Camp - located in Eldersburg, Maryland - just a few miles east of the house and seems to have lots of exciting activities that interest alex (sports, swimming, archery, horseback riding, crafts, etc). It looks like the price is $157/week. I’ll be calling them next week to learn more since their website (www.timeforkidssumercamp.com) isn’t working.

3. YCAMP - YMCA Summer Day Camp options. There are a variety of camp options that we could consider including a general day camp ($140/week) or specialty day camp programs ($160/week): sports, environmental science, soccer, swimming, art, or drama. These rates assume a family membership and we’re considering joining.

4. Freedoom Area Recreation Council Camps/Clinics - Located in Eldersburg, there are a variety of programs available during the summer; however the programs are not full day programs. The basic general camp is $140 for two-week session, 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. There are some sports programs, but the fees are not obvious.

Thats all I’ve found so far — hopefully more options will appear. However, we’d probably consider the YMCA programs, but if I’m still working in Columbia, that will be logistically difficult as the YMCA is north of our house. However, perhaps a position in Westminster will open up and I can work it into a new commute. So many things up in the air, makes this kind of planning a little more difficult.