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January 17, 2007

Solar Barn

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Just wanted to share this photo from part of our trip to Boston over NYE. For one night we went up to New Hampshire and stayed on a small farm with some solar-energy folks. These panels give them enough juice to run the house, but I think they have to pull utility power if they have a cloudy week. They also had a mobile solar unit that they can pull out in the field if one of the machines needs some more juice (for the machines modified to run on electricity). It was great hanging out with these folks and I’d love to get to spend some real time up with them and learn some stuff.

The black panel below the solar panels (next to the window) collects solar heat to keep the batteries warm. The ground was covered with snow while we were there and I hear it gets pretty cold. The tiny solar panel to the left of the window runs to the fan to distribute the heat from the heating panel. FWIW – I could be totally wrong about the solar setup, that’s just the best I can do from memory having not asked enough questions to get a better understanding. Next time, I’ll be sure to press for the “systems tour” instead of just a property tour.

solar barn