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October 20, 2007


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I’ve had a hard time getting moving on getting things done lately. I recently bought Rescue Remedy, a natural anti-anxiety/stress reliever, and have found it to be pretty useful today. I got over my intense fear or dislike of getting work done when anyone is around and have managed to get the pantry mostly dissembled, reconfigured, and reorganized so that I may finally get my kitchen unpacked. I plan to whip up a very, very yummy dinner tonight as a reward for staying home. Steak au Poive, mashed potatoes, pan roasted broccoli, and homemade dinner rolls.

Chris is almost always getting stuff done and today is no different. He welded up a homemade paint remover dip tank for stripping the paint off window stops and trims. I need to post a pic, it’s pretty neat. He’s been working on getting paint stripped — far faster than I’ve been painting — and also welding a few tiny pin holes they we found in our freecycled fuel tank. It’s getting about time for us to get the tank switched out and get it filled up for winter and he’s been busy cleaning the “new” tank out in preparation for welding the holes. Somehow, in the middle of all this, he’s also managed to de-rust-ify the shelves of this tiny little freezer we got from the neighbor and I plan to start making double batch dinners so I have something in the freezer than will geed us when I don’t feel like cooking. Plus, we need to start stocking up on sale items to help stretch our dollars a little further too.

Overall, it’s turning out to be a pretty productive day. I guess I better get this bread started and finish putting the pantry back together.