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August 7, 2007

music and memories

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I’ve been rebuilding my music collection (again) and have been visiting the library for content. I ran across a Nanci Griffith album that I’d never heard before. Finally getting to listening to it this morning, I’m deeply reminded of a dear friend that has been there for so many years. Amazing how a voice and a sound pulls in memories so full of love and happiness.

Funny thing is that Alex has been asking to go to Utah lately, ooo-ta. Can’t quite figure out where that request has come from, but she remembers that I have a friend there and wants to go see the place. It’d be a wonderful trip but I don’t see it coming anytime soon.

I’ve been running around a lot, taking off on little adventures around the new home. Learning the area and hiding from the heat. I think of that trip to Seattle that I didn’t take with Banz and wonder if that was my last chance for such foolishness. Was that step not taken the last time I’d walk along the path of silly spontaneity, or is it just the last time I’d walk it alone.

There is a light on the horizon though. I think we’ll be making plans to head out to the next Makers Fair in San Francisco and a stay in Seattle (I think). Can’t believe it’s already been a year since that offer was made, but some friends were out last month or so and reminded us of the extended invitation and now that moving and house buying is over, think it’s about time to take them up on it. We could use a family vacation anyways.