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August 2, 2007

Hating Comcast Right Now

Filed under: geek — suzanne henderson @ 3:12 pm

Argh, we’re internet-less again because comcast is clueless.

Problem 1:

We moved and took our modem with us. We had to set up a new account because for some stupid reason they couldn’t move our service to the new county. Fine. New account created, tech spends more than 2 hours installing the wiring and then we have internet. “You must have had internet before, your modem is already online.”

Internet keeps working at new house until I finally get around to calling and canceling the connection at the old house. Suddenly internet stop work at the new house — why? Because the modem data was connected to the old house the tech didn’t bother making sure it was properly transferred to new account.

Spent 45 minutes on hold Tuesday night, gave up.
Called first thing Wednesday morning, took 40 minutes to find our account because the put the phone number in wrong. Spent another 40 minutes adding the modem to the new account and removing it from the old. Tech says there is an billing account code problem and can’t go any farther - sent to billing, billing has no clue, sent back to tech and put on hold for 10 minutes — I call billing back and supposed someone “enters the right code” and sent back to tech. One hold for 30 minutes, I had enough time to shower while alex waited on hold for me. Seems that there is still a problem with the modem data and they need their national techs to fix the problem at this point, hopefully someone will get to it by Friday at the earliest. Friday!

I asked if I bought a new modem if we could just get that set right up until the fix the problem with the old one. Sure he says.

Problem 2:
Go to town, buy new modem, come home and call again. On hold for 20 minutes before getting a tech. Finally get all the data to them, took about 30-45 minutes, then their activation tech or whatever says their system is down and they won’t be able to enter the information for 24-48 hours (ummm, that’ll be Friday).

So now, I have two modems and no internet service because comcast can’t figure out how to enter the new modem data or remove modem data from another account — this is not rocket science here. So, now it’ll all probably get even more messed up because now there are two open tickets for update modem information and I’m sure that’ll screw everything up. But I’m supposed to wait 48 hours and call them back if it still don’t work.

Comcast sucks. Hanging out on the phone all day yesterday was not on my to-do list and to still not have internet makes me a very, very cranky customer. While all their service reps were very nice and friendly, didn’t make a bit of difference in getting things connected. Alex sat on hold for me several times so I could get some stuff done, had I been on hold the entire time, I’d be far more irate than I am now.