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December 30, 2007


Filed under: family, life — suzanne henderson @ 3:25 pm

When I manage to get some sleep, it’s usually pretty full of dreams. They vary from neutral or positive to outright terrible. Mostly they are vaguely ominous or just plain frustrating. Rarely, I get the chance to have conversations with those who’ve died. I really like these dreams because it feels like touching base with someone I miss a lot.

I dreamed of my dad last night who’s been gone for almost 10 years now. It was nice talking with him about the house and how life is going. We wandered through his garage just chatting and being next to each other. I told him about Chris and how much he’d like him if he could meet him. During these dreams, I can’t tell it’s a dream and assume that it’s just real life. So I asked him to come out for a visit so he could spend some time at the house, get to know Chris and see how much Alex has grown. “I know you don’t drive anymore, but you could fly out,” I wanted him to know. Then confusion set in as I pondered why he didn’t drive anymore. At that point I remembered he was dead and realized that flying was probably out of the question as well. Instead of abruptly ending the dream, we just hugged and I walked away. I woke up for a bit, but fell back into the dream and was back at his house, seeing all his things, but he wasn’t there anymore. I woke up and told Chris of the dream, how nice it was to talk to my dad and how I do wish they’d met.