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August 19, 2007

data retrieved!!!

Filed under: geek — suzanne henderson @ 8:40 pm

i’m so excited! Chris found the external drive chassi today and I finally got to test whether or not my old laptop hard drive still had data on it. It did and I’m so happy to have all the files back. They’re a bit scattered at the moment and I hope to pull everything together soon in a managable fashion, in the meantime I’m quite please that I have my data back and my music. I’ve added a lot to itunes since losing my laptop and it’s a nice to have these extra files around.

Next step now that I know the drive still works is to swipe it off and try with a new install. Myabe that’ll get us somewhere and then maybe Alex will get a computer or maybe Chris will want to have it. It’d be a hard choice for who to get it to.

But Alex still has her imac which last I recall only needed a new power supply. The old hard drive died and was replaced, but upon start up it sounds awful and I don’t want a bad power supply killing another disc if that is indeed what happened to it. I think it’d be good for her to get another computer, though I’m not sure I’m up for the arguments about how much time she can be on it.

Anyways, happy me, my laptop now has a complete set of data!!!!!