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December 26, 2007

christmas passed

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I dislike christmas more and more every year. Yesterday, I was pleased to see it end at 4:30pm as we departed Chris’ mom’s house and headed out for some all you can eat sushi and chinese (yum!). It was a great dinner with lots of friends and I at just enough (and maybe one bite more). We skipped the movie-to-follow and headed home for some movie watching of our own.

though I don’t care much for the holiday, the mornings started out well. Chris got me way more than he should have, and I gave him but one real thing and a second place holder. But I certainly got my fix on crafty, coking, techy and fun stuff from him - plus the one thing I actually wanted! I made cinnamon rolls that we were eventually able to eat once they finally puffed up enough to go in the oven. I also made a batch of brownies because the previous night of baking only produced the dough for the rolls, a batch of choc-peanut-butter fudge, and some special alex cookies.

I wanted to skip the visiting of the family, but Chris seems pretty stuck in that tradition and so I gave in. Also meant baking up a batch of gifts as well for his mom and brother’s family. I think that they are well received and they even asked about a future repeat his previous gift tradition of sugar cookies. I don’t do sugar cookies, but Chris sure can. Of course, thats not high on my list of things to motivate for because I don’t actually like sugar cookies. :)

alex got a few things, including one of those webkinz-fad things. As if she needs more reason to be online. it was a nice christmas, even if I was secretly wishing it wasn’t going to happen. perhaps next year will bring a renewed sense of holiday cheer to revive the festive spirit.