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August 8, 2007

childhood foundation

Filed under: house, life — suzanne henderson @ 5:52 pm

I just watched my favorite childhood movie, Anne of Green Gables, again. Other than enjoying the tale just as much as I did as a child, I noticed some pretty telling details in the setting and architecture in the movie. It seems that all of the houses were those country farm houses that I’ve been picking out of the MLS for the past two years. In fact, our house seems to fit right in with all the houses in the movie, except much smaller and perhaps in poor repair in comparison.

It cracked me up to see exactly where this ideal house type came from, amazing what childhood influences have on our adult choices, this movie seen a million times established my ideal house and I didn’t even realize it. I’m so happy we did indeed end up in this house.

Also, in somewhat related context, talking to some soccer moms yesterday someone mentioned a local girl who lives just a few houses down, “she lives right next to one of those beautiful old farm houses” and I just beamed realizing that she was talking about my house. We own one of a pair of sister houses, nearly identical, that were even owned by sisters too. I just smiled and didn’t say anything.