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January 16, 2007

burst of energy = nothing new

Filed under: life, geek — suzanne henderson @ 10:38 am

In the past 48 hours, xixstar.com has recieved the greatest burst of energy from me in over a year. What do I have to show for it? Nothing. All that work just to move from one server to another and get things working again. Now, there is a little to show for it on the back end because I’ve finally updated my very old version of my posting software, but other than that, same ol’ same ol’.

Does this mean that there will be new and exciting things happening here? Probably not. I’ve got another project lined up before updating xixstar, so it gets first dibs on the recent web-focused-energy I have. But hopefully I’ll make some changes soon — especially my photogallery that has been broken for a while and I don’t know why. I’m thinking that I forgot to set up the database when I moved to my previous server and its been broken ever since - if so, I’m pretty lame. Luckily, I still have data on lithium that I can pull over, otherwise, I’d be screwed for getting it working again.

So, thats whats new, a bunch of nothing and a little of something. I’m gonna try to keep up with book reviews since I’ve been reading so much lately. I’m really behind and most of the recent reviews were books read almost a year ago for the first time. I also have a $50 gift card to borders that I want to make use of. However, I find buying books more difficult than just picking them up from the library for free. I tend to check a book out, decide that it is worth owning, and then buy it. :)