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August 31, 2007

argh, google’s picasa complaint

Filed under: creative, geek — suzanne henderson @ 11:07 am

I’ve finally found a complaint for google’s picasaweb — no hit counters on the images - gak! I’ve been posting links to my craft room renovation and wanted to know how many times it’s been looked at — flickr seems so much more on the ball with the community/social aspect of picture sharing, I’m amazed that google didn’t realize that this would be something people would want. sigh.

argh, I’m so mad that I’ve lost all this potential data — had I known that, I would have posted all my craft room pics on flickr instead. I’ll probably go ahead and move those pictures over, but that doesn’t get back the data points I’ve lost on the links to picasaweb.. bad google, bad bad google.