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December 30, 2007


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When I manage to get some sleep, it’s usually pretty full of dreams. They vary from neutral or positive to outright terrible. Mostly they are vaguely ominous or just plain frustrating. Rarely, I get the chance to have conversations with those who’ve died. I really like these dreams because it feels like touching base with someone I miss a lot.

I dreamed of my dad last night who’s been gone for almost 10 years now. It was nice talking with him about the house and how life is going. We wandered through his garage just chatting and being next to each other. I told him about Chris and how much he’d like him if he could meet him. During these dreams, I can’t tell it’s a dream and assume that it’s just real life. So I asked him to come out for a visit so he could spend some time at the house, get to know Chris and see how much Alex has grown. “I know you don’t drive anymore, but you could fly out,” I wanted him to know. Then confusion set in as I pondered why he didn’t drive anymore. At that point I remembered he was dead and realized that flying was probably out of the question as well. Instead of abruptly ending the dream, we just hugged and I walked away. I woke up for a bit, but fell back into the dream and was back at his house, seeing all his things, but he wasn’t there anymore. I woke up and told Chris of the dream, how nice it was to talk to my dad and how I do wish they’d met.

December 28, 2007

fabric stash needs improving

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I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but my fabric stash has become insufficient. It amazes me that years of fabric acquisitions has lead to a less than acceptable stash of fabric. I guess the brakes I put on fabric buying a few years ago really worked, but now I need more fabric!

December 26, 2007

christmas passed

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I dislike christmas more and more every year. Yesterday, I was pleased to see it end at 4:30pm as we departed Chris’ mom’s house and headed out for some all you can eat sushi and chinese (yum!). It was a great dinner with lots of friends and I at just enough (and maybe one bite more). We skipped the movie-to-follow and headed home for some movie watching of our own.

though I don’t care much for the holiday, the mornings started out well. Chris got me way more than he should have, and I gave him but one real thing and a second place holder. But I certainly got my fix on crafty, coking, techy and fun stuff from him - plus the one thing I actually wanted! I made cinnamon rolls that we were eventually able to eat once they finally puffed up enough to go in the oven. I also made a batch of brownies because the previous night of baking only produced the dough for the rolls, a batch of choc-peanut-butter fudge, and some special alex cookies.

I wanted to skip the visiting of the family, but Chris seems pretty stuck in that tradition and so I gave in. Also meant baking up a batch of gifts as well for his mom and brother’s family. I think that they are well received and they even asked about a future repeat his previous gift tradition of sugar cookies. I don’t do sugar cookies, but Chris sure can. Of course, thats not high on my list of things to motivate for because I don’t actually like sugar cookies. :)

alex got a few things, including one of those webkinz-fad things. As if she needs more reason to be online. it was a nice christmas, even if I was secretly wishing it wasn’t going to happen. perhaps next year will bring a renewed sense of holiday cheer to revive the festive spirit.

December 16, 2007

Crafting Away

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I’ve been busy working on a secret santa gift the past couple days. Today I made the following two craft items:

- Cloth Tissue Holder: This was a pretty straight forward craft. I altered it a bit to add the finished edge I wanted and will post a pic as soon as I get some taken and uploaded.

- Cloth Snap Box: I made this out of some fun flannel that I had laying around. Instead of stitching and turning, I just put some decorative thread in my overlock machine and serged around the edges. I finally got to use my snap press machine to add plastic snaps and it seems like a nice enough toy/box for a little boy.

On Friday, I made four other gifts for the exchange:

- Cloth Grocery Sack: This was a bit different than a cloth shopping bag — instead of the paper-bag shape, this is modeled off a plastic bag and whips up right quick. This sewed up really fast and I might make a couple more just to keep in the car for when I leave my bag of cloth bags at home or for when I just need one bag.

- Bean Frog: This was made mostly just for fun, I wanted to add some sort of fun whimsical items and this pattern was super easy. I used some leftover toile from a previous curtain project and paired it with some wild, metallic gold dot fabric. It seems that this project really inspired Chris somehow and he spent part of today working on some machine tool plushies. While sewing this up, I tried a new suggestion I just learned — draw the pattern on the fabric and sew along the line drawn, then cut it out. This worked really well and I’ll probably try that again on other smaller items.

- Hot Cocoa Mix: I mixed up a batch of this hot cocoa mix and poured it into two caning jars. One is for us to try and the other is for my secret santa gift. She said that she likes dark chocolate so I hope she’ll enjoy this. I was hoping that we’d get to test it out before mailing this out, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. I’m just gonna have to trust Alton Brown for now.

- Socks Turned Hand Warmers: I need to get a tutorial up on how to make these. This was my third pair and I changed several of the steps, making it much faster this time around.

All in all, it seems like it’ll be a nice little gift and now I’ve practiced several of the items that I’ll probably be making for some other people for Christmas too.

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December 15, 2007

window sashes reinstalled

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nope, I never finished painting all of them, but we figured it was about time to cut down on some of the cold drafts swishing through the house. Also, I gave in to running the heat a week or so ago — thats until I saw the usage rate. With the heat on most the day, we went from a little over a gallon of oil a day to three — thats about $10/day for heat at the current rates. So, I threw on some more sweaters and have dropped the thermostat yet again.

so now, out night time heat is set to about 52-54 and daytime is about 56-60. It’s pretty variable because the radiators are pretty efficient and tend to heat the house much warmer than it needs to be. For instance, when I took it up to 62 when I was tired of being cold, I found it got too hot and the room had gotten up to 67. So, a setting of 58 gets to a couple degrees above 60 and our usage is not at about 2 gallons a day of oil — a little better.

we did hold off for quite a while and still have more non-heating days than heating ones. Hopefully, putting the window sashes back in will help reduce the heat usage because I’m tapped out at two pairs of pants (one being fleece lined tights and the other my super comfy fleece pants), two tops, and a head scarf. Heheh.

call to journaling

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i keep getting itchy fingers to start journaling more regularly again - but always drag feet just long enough for the moment to pass. but, perhaps it’s time to get back to that past time, scratch the surface of issues that have been left uncovered for a while. i know there are things that keep waiting and waiting for the time to think about them, but that time never appears. but every time i start again, it only lasts for a few weeks and i’m left with yet another book with only a few pages filled with thoughts and ideas. but maybe, thats all it takes to get my mind back right with things. procrastination has been hitting me pretty hard lately and my list of to-do projects is scrolling off my memory. i’ve taken the unconventional approach of doing things i want to do, first, before going back to tasks that i’ve been dragging on. just a few things on my to-do list that remain undone:

  • finish mom’s christmas gift
  • finish two pillow for a customer
  • order materials for wholesale order
  • finish items for wholesale order
  • decide on color selection for company logo
  • print up business cards and labels for items
  • work on website
  • finish and mail secret santa gift