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November 13, 2007

death and taxes?

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Looks like our closing/settlement company forgot to disburse our first county tax payment. So, our mortgage company diligently paid the bill from escrow when it arrived — of course, there wasn’t enough in escrow to cover it yet, as the next payment wasn’t supposed to be paid until dec or jan. Mortgage company tells us we’re now severly short of escrow and jacks up the payments considerably to correct the problem. I have to pore over paperwork to figure out what went wrong, cause I knew we’d paid 6 months of taxes at closing.

Seemed like a phone call will fix it up right quick — except our closing company closed up several shops and our attorney no longer works with them — at least he was easy to reach to tell me this. So now it’s playing telephone with the people I need to talk to to figure out just what they did with that first tax payment that never went to the county. I’m hoping Thanksgiving doesn’t throw a wrench in things cause I need this cleared up by the end of the month.

Since I’m spending so much time on the phone, maybe I should call some local oil companies. I’m hoping that our new customer status will win up some bonus points that waiting until heating season has lost us.

November 10, 2007

learning bell curve

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learning about something totally new is exciting, up to a point. If it is something that I’m going to try, I’ve learned that there is a very distinct bellcurve for knowing nothing, enough, and too much. I feel like I’ve really crossed the line for a new product line I need to start sewing and need to do some serious backpedaling. sigh, it’s frustrating when too much knowledge becomes as useless, or even more so, than not enough.

November 7, 2007

somethings simmering…

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and it’s not just the yummy pot of lentil stew on the stove top. thanksgiving will be here any moment and there is so much to do. now that it’s gotten colder, we’re really behind on house stuff and I’m still playing ostrich with my head in the sand. sigh. i’m getting super tired of living around boxes, but we’re out of room and I’m not sure we’ll get a workshop built by winter. in the meantime, I’m making lots of yummy food and the house smells great. next up, this afternoon, is some yummy oatmeal bread to use up the vast amounts of oatmeal I’ve been collecting — well, I was just going to eat it as leftover, but bread sounded much more exciting and I can always make more for breakfast.