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August 31, 2007

argh, google’s picasa complaint

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I’ve finally found a complaint for google’s picasaweb — no hit counters on the images - gak! I’ve been posting links to my craft room renovation and wanted to know how many times it’s been looked at — flickr seems so much more on the ball with the community/social aspect of picture sharing, I’m amazed that google didn’t realize that this would be something people would want. sigh.

argh, I’m so mad that I’ve lost all this potential data — had I known that, I would have posted all my craft room pics on flickr instead. I’ll probably go ahead and move those pictures over, but that doesn’t get back the data points I’ve lost on the links to picasaweb.. bad google, bad bad google.

August 21, 2007

Review: Knitters Nest

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Knitters Nest
1431 Liberty Road
Eldersburg, MD 21784
(410) 549-0709

Knitters Nest, located in Eldersburg, Maryland, is a new (summer 2007) yarn store in Carroll County. There is a great selection of basic and specialty yarns for all types fiber enthusiasts. The environment is very inviting and cozy and the owner, Deborah, is very attentive and helpful. You’ll be able to find all the materials you need for a new project or stock up on some new yarns that you’ve been wanting to try like bamboo.

Knitters Nest offers classes and open knitting and spinning times each month. Tea is offered every Tuesday from 11am-2pm, you’re welcome to come chat with other crafters and work on your own project and instructors are on hand to help answer questions. There is a monthly knitting circle on the third Thursday of the month from 7pm-9pm and a monthly Spinning circle on the second Sunday from 1pm-4pm.

Alex and I attended a Tuesday Tea and was welcomed warmly by all of the other ladies. I was happy to see they we’re so receptive to a non-knitting/crochet crafter and it was great sharing my project (fiber hair falls) with them. The classes looked very interesting, especially the class on making felted clogs, and I look forward to taking one in the near future. I picked up some new 100% wool yarns (the wool selection at Joanns was pretty sad) that I plan to make into a new set of hair falls.

I’d recommend visiting whether you’re in the area or want to make a special trip. Make a day of it and visit the beading store, Two Busy Beads, conveniently located next door or visit the Second Floor Scapbook store at 32 &26.

August 19, 2007

data retrieved!!!

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i’m so excited! Chris found the external drive chassi today and I finally got to test whether or not my old laptop hard drive still had data on it. It did and I’m so happy to have all the files back. They’re a bit scattered at the moment and I hope to pull everything together soon in a managable fashion, in the meantime I’m quite please that I have my data back and my music. I’ve added a lot to itunes since losing my laptop and it’s a nice to have these extra files around.

Next step now that I know the drive still works is to swipe it off and try with a new install. Myabe that’ll get us somewhere and then maybe Alex will get a computer or maybe Chris will want to have it. It’d be a hard choice for who to get it to.

But Alex still has her imac which last I recall only needed a new power supply. The old hard drive died and was replaced, but upon start up it sounds awful and I don’t want a bad power supply killing another disc if that is indeed what happened to it. I think it’d be good for her to get another computer, though I’m not sure I’m up for the arguments about how much time she can be on it.

Anyways, happy me, my laptop now has a complete set of data!!!!!

August 10, 2007

mouse pelts, ick

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We’ve got mice in the new house and finally put out traps last night. Sure enough, we found a dead mouse in the morning. Seems like a simple enough issue, but suddenly Alex is wanting to know if she can skin it. What?! She wants the fur/skin of the mouse and Chris is encouraging her to figure out how and have set aside the mouse for possible butchering tomorrow. ick!

August 8, 2007

childhood foundation

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I just watched my favorite childhood movie, Anne of Green Gables, again. Other than enjoying the tale just as much as I did as a child, I noticed some pretty telling details in the setting and architecture in the movie. It seems that all of the houses were those country farm houses that I’ve been picking out of the MLS for the past two years. In fact, our house seems to fit right in with all the houses in the movie, except much smaller and perhaps in poor repair in comparison.

It cracked me up to see exactly where this ideal house type came from, amazing what childhood influences have on our adult choices, this movie seen a million times established my ideal house and I didn’t even realize it. I’m so happy we did indeed end up in this house.

Also, in somewhat related context, talking to some soccer moms yesterday someone mentioned a local girl who lives just a few houses down, “she lives right next to one of those beautiful old farm houses” and I just beamed realizing that she was talking about my house. We own one of a pair of sister houses, nearly identical, that were even owned by sisters too. I just smiled and didn’t say anything.

August 7, 2007

music and memories

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I’ve been rebuilding my music collection (again) and have been visiting the library for content. I ran across a Nanci Griffith album that I’d never heard before. Finally getting to listening to it this morning, I’m deeply reminded of a dear friend that has been there for so many years. Amazing how a voice and a sound pulls in memories so full of love and happiness.

Funny thing is that Alex has been asking to go to Utah lately, ooo-ta. Can’t quite figure out where that request has come from, but she remembers that I have a friend there and wants to go see the place. It’d be a wonderful trip but I don’t see it coming anytime soon.

I’ve been running around a lot, taking off on little adventures around the new home. Learning the area and hiding from the heat. I think of that trip to Seattle that I didn’t take with Banz and wonder if that was my last chance for such foolishness. Was that step not taken the last time I’d walk along the path of silly spontaneity, or is it just the last time I’d walk it alone.

There is a light on the horizon though. I think we’ll be making plans to head out to the next Makers Fair in San Francisco and a stay in Seattle (I think). Can’t believe it’s already been a year since that offer was made, but some friends were out last month or so and reminded us of the extended invitation and now that moving and house buying is over, think it’s about time to take them up on it. We could use a family vacation anyways.

August 2, 2007

Hating Comcast Right Now

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Argh, we’re internet-less again because comcast is clueless.

Problem 1:

We moved and took our modem with us. We had to set up a new account because for some stupid reason they couldn’t move our service to the new county. Fine. New account created, tech spends more than 2 hours installing the wiring and then we have internet. “You must have had internet before, your modem is already online.”

Internet keeps working at new house until I finally get around to calling and canceling the connection at the old house. Suddenly internet stop work at the new house — why? Because the modem data was connected to the old house the tech didn’t bother making sure it was properly transferred to new account.

Spent 45 minutes on hold Tuesday night, gave up.
Called first thing Wednesday morning, took 40 minutes to find our account because the put the phone number in wrong. Spent another 40 minutes adding the modem to the new account and removing it from the old. Tech says there is an billing account code problem and can’t go any farther - sent to billing, billing has no clue, sent back to tech and put on hold for 10 minutes — I call billing back and supposed someone “enters the right code” and sent back to tech. One hold for 30 minutes, I had enough time to shower while alex waited on hold for me. Seems that there is still a problem with the modem data and they need their national techs to fix the problem at this point, hopefully someone will get to it by Friday at the earliest. Friday!

I asked if I bought a new modem if we could just get that set right up until the fix the problem with the old one. Sure he says.

Problem 2:
Go to town, buy new modem, come home and call again. On hold for 20 minutes before getting a tech. Finally get all the data to them, took about 30-45 minutes, then their activation tech or whatever says their system is down and they won’t be able to enter the information for 24-48 hours (ummm, that’ll be Friday).

So now, I have two modems and no internet service because comcast can’t figure out how to enter the new modem data or remove modem data from another account — this is not rocket science here. So, now it’ll all probably get even more messed up because now there are two open tickets for update modem information and I’m sure that’ll screw everything up. But I’m supposed to wait 48 hours and call them back if it still don’t work.

Comcast sucks. Hanging out on the phone all day yesterday was not on my to-do list and to still not have internet makes me a very, very cranky customer. While all their service reps were very nice and friendly, didn’t make a bit of difference in getting things connected. Alex sat on hold for me several times so I could get some stuff done, had I been on hold the entire time, I’d be far more irate than I am now.