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July 30, 2007


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moving is done - unpacking must happen - who cares!

just found this article for DIY large whiteboards and it reminded me of the many, many white boards and cork boards that got carried out of the house this weekend. What was great is that everyone was very observant of not wiping off the content and no one thought it odd that there was an endless stream of them flowing from the house. Yay, people who understand the immense value of having writable surface all throughout the house.

in other news, just stumbled on kinklessGTD and was considering giving it a go - i love lists - i love date linked item - perhaps I love to link it all together, but it needs OminOutliner and not sure I’m up for buying software just yet. Anyone use something like that?

July 28, 2007

Moving is hard work, getting tired of it!

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We’re in active moving mode at this point, very active! Time has run out ad everything had gotta go. I made three trips there and back today and yesterday. I’m tired. But, despite the exhaustion I’ve been getting the craft room together:

July 23, 2007

Packing Still

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We’re running out of time, must start packing faster. I’m so tired of moving though, this long, drawn-out method is not my preference and I’m about ready to just give up altogether. But, that’s not really an option, so I’ll just accept the fact that I won’t be able to go to the beach this weekend.

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July 20, 2007

Painting Almost Done!

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We’re almost done with painting the craft room, yay!. The walls are painted and the first coat of floor paint is on.

I spent some time hand chiseling the lines in the floor this morning to prepare for painting. Since I used the router to carve lines for a faux hardwood floor, I had to extend the lines to the wall to make it look a little more realistic (the router can’t go all the way to edge). I only did this in the craft room/dining room doorway, doing the whole room would be too time intensive and covered with furniture anyways.

With the floor ready to paint, Alex and I got to work. The first coat went on very quick and we just have to wait 8 hours before we can put the next coat on. I didn’t realize that I picked a floor paint color that looked like a vat of chocolate pudding. In fact, if it weren’t for the smell, Alex and I would have been wielding spoons instead of paint brushes.

The walls ended up being much darker than I wanted. Lighting plays a big part on the color and at night it seems really bold. Sunlight washes is out pretty well to the color I was hoping for (like in the flash photo above) but unfortunately, that room only gets sunlight for a couple hours in the morning in the summer. It’ll brighten up a lot when winter gets here and the northern shade tree has lost it’s leaves.

The floor seems like a pretty good color overall. Now I need to get some version of white for the trim and the windows. The plan was to leave the stripped windows at bare wood, but they don’t look that great and I’m not up for spending anymore energy on them to make them look better.

Right now the dining room floor is also calling out to me. It needs some sort of a protective layer but with all the moving going on and it being the main foot traffic area, I may be out of luck for doing anything other than spot treatment at this point. I shouldn’t have procrastinated so long and picked a option and got to work, sometimes my indecisiveness drives me nuts.

Path Finder - A finder alternative?

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I’m considering getting Path Finder because I’m always pulling my hair out trying to use Finder on my mac to browse and manage files. My biggest complaint with Finder is not being able to set list view as the default. Instead I’m constantly battling icon and column view. Icon view has to be the most useless view I’ve ever see, but it seems to be the status quo state for finder. Perhpas Path Finder would be useful.

July 18, 2007

Center Island for the Craft Room

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Idea - Craft Space

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I think a center island like the one in this picture would be a good addition to the craft room. It’d be big enough for large sewing and cutting projects and still bet full of storage. The big part would be making is big enough (ie. high enough) and making sure it doesn’t dominate the entire room.

Alex is getting antsy to have the craft room finished since it’ll have a section for her to work on stuff, something that never happened in the townhouse because we ran out of room. Perhaps Family Room is a better title for the room, but oh well. Creativity Center might be even better, or Entertainment Center, something to note the activity that will take place inside it.

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July 17, 2007

More Craft Room - Flooring Progress

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When I decided to leave the craft room floor as plywood, I googled painted floors. One option I found was this great faux hardwood floor look where you route lines on the floor to make it look like the real thing:

As time was running out on getting the craft room done, I just gave up on this idea. But for some reason, yesterday motivation struck and Alex and I set to work. It didn’t take long using the router and I’m happy with the results:

Next up is painting the walls and floor.

July 16, 2007

Sock Knitting Machine

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Sock Knitting Machine

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The neatest things at this year’s Sheep and Wool Festival was the sock knitting machines. I think we sat there for about two hours just looking at the machine and watching it in action. The drool puddle just grew and grew. I was fascinated by the machine and the ease of making a sock and Chris was just all over the mechanics of it.

I was so amazed that I wanted to run out and buy one right then. Thank goodness the house was looming and I didn’t have the extra cash laying around. Even now, I still want one, but have so many other things that I want more.

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July 13, 2007

Bathrooms for Large Families

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Bathroom Sink

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I found this picture in one of Pottery Barn books — perfect bathroom sink for a large family. I would love to find a sink like this, and then would like to find a bathroom big enough to accommodate it. Still wanting those seven kids but not quite sure where we’d fit them in the three bedroom house we just bought.

Starting to wonder if I’ll need to just spend the time to upgrade the house just to sell it for something larger - ick, what a thought. Part of me wants a larger home already but I also don’t want to move again, a feeling that is very pronounced while we’re in the middle of moving.

So, I now have both a flickr and picasa account. From a user standpoint, I feel picasa is easier to use for managing the photos but that flickr has more options and an interface that I like better. Guess I’ll just alternate posting to both it.

July 12, 2007

Craft Room Progress

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Just posting the progress for the craft room - I was hoping to be done by now but a week of intense heat and poison ivy put me behind. Here are a few progress photos…

Carpet is history:

Alex helping tear down the wall paper, we took it down to bare plaster - the yellow in this picture is where the original structure had a window that was filled in when the addition was added:

Two of the windows (the operable ones) got a facial with Peel Away 1 to remove the lead-based paint:

Here is the after photo:

Also, it’s amazing what a little cleaning will do for appearances, a little before and after shot of the front window that was way overdue for a cleaning:

Finally, I got everything primed and ready for some painting - the primed plaster needs to cure for 3 days first:

Today I spent 5 hours scraping the window sashes and my arms and hands are killing me. I went with all sorts of precautions for the lead-based paint removal, so at least I’m not too paranoid about contamination. Lead abatement is becoming my least favorite aspect of the new house.

Peel Away is nice but it is also very messy for clean up and much more labor intensive than the directions make it out to be (plus, it is expensive). But, it means my hands aren’t all bruised and I don’t have to stress so much about lead dust either. It is certainly the best choice and I doubt I’ll do anymore scraping — I just wanted to get the sashes done and couldn’t head back to the house in 24 hours to remove a peel away application. We’ve done one window in Alex’s room with the peel-away and still need to do the second window. Unfortunately, it’ll not be done before Alex gets home from camp on Saturday.

You can see more pics iof the craft room at House - Craft Room. I’ve got email and sporadic internet again, email me and let me know what ya think.

July 9, 2007

missed laptop delivery - argh

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New laptop was estimated to be delivered tomorrow morning. Checked status when I got up and it was on the truck this morning. It got to the house 15 minutes before I did, sigh, so looks like tomorrow it is. I’m getting anxious about 1. new laptop and 2. having no laptop.

library internet time running out. sigh.