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June 27, 2007

posion ivy and no laptop :(

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not a good week — yardwork at the new house gave me a mild care of posion ivy, which I’m having a hard time ignoring. My laptop died a few days ago and the apple stores in maryland seem to not have the one I want in stock.

I finally ordered a new laptop online and it’ll ship sometime next week. Also got a new ipod as well since the rebate covered all but $50 of it — funny thing is that it’ll show up before the laptop, great.

Alex is helping out at a boy scout day camp all week. Saturday starts Catoctin, so we’ll be driving her out for the two week stay.

Sunday is our anniversary and I really wanted to do something for it but it looks like it’ll get passed over with everything that needs done. I told chris a month or two ago that I didn’t want it to slip through the cracks, but I guess life just gets in the way too often. Hopefully we’ll figure out something nice and free in the meantime.

Well, library time is about to run out - back to avoiding the horrible heat that is getting in the way of house work.

June 20, 2007

messy house, inspection coming

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Our landlord is already showing the townhouse to possible suckers willing to rent it. I really hoped this would wait until next month (it won’t be available until August). But I understand the need to have it rented, perhaps it was a fluke that we got it within days of him listing it. :)

But this means we need to clean house and the house is no where near clean. I blame buying the house, finishing out a crazy work week, and the hours of last minute sewing desparation for the mess. However, regardless of the reason it’s messy, it must be shaped up by Friday.

Now, I’m home and this shouldn’t be a problem, but there is a lot I haven’t taken care of lately — like finding another job. Eek. I know part of me wants to tread water until that becomes the norm, but thats a scary idea. However, thanks to our great budgeting system, being jobless this month stresses us two months down the road. So, maybe I can figure something out in the mean time. :) After I clean the house - the whole house!! You’d think we’d have packed up some of this mess by now — but I also need to get to the house and work on it too so we can get stuff moved.

Yes, I need to get organized and stop running around putting out fires without directions. Maybe I’ll do that tonight (or is that called procrastination) instead of cleaning and cooking dinner.

June 17, 2007

new friends

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Chris dragged me to a party yesterday, despite our very busy schedule and the millions of things we need to do on the house. But, the party was just a few miles from the new house and we both saw the value in hanging out with new neighbors.

We all had a great time and I got over my typical awkward shyness pretty quick. It helped that someone from the PDF/Beer crowd was there and I had someone I knew to talk to. Then showed up the friends from Boston we stayed with earlier this year, more people I knew! It was great.

I ended up dragging us to the house to get something done (at almost 8pm). I didn’t work on the floors, but did get the front hedges trimmed (I hate bushes and hedges!) and it looks more and more like someone lives in the house. After working, we headed back to the party to let Alex play some more - the hosts have a daughter her age - and to socialize a bit more.

I’m very happy we went back because I didn’t talk with the hosts much in round one. It was much easier to do when things had settled down and there was less people (and no one just showing up). This couple is great! I look forward to getting to know them better and glad that we’ve already found someone that Alex gets along with (a challenge at times). I got to ask all sorts of questions about the area and logistics like recycling and such. They even have a ladder that we can borrow - one thing we’ve really been needing to find.

Yay, I’m still all smiles from last night. I love meeting good folk and am glad we now know someone in the area!

June 11, 2007

Flooring Progress

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Taking no time to get started on my one personal project, removing the carpet in the craft room. I’m feeling pretty good. Here is a before picture of the craft room:

Craft Room - Before

Notice the lovely wallpaper, false ceilings, and molted brown carpet? I’m removing the carpet and had planned to take down the false ceiling as well. However, the false ceiling was there for a reason - a quarter of the ceiling was removed for some bathroom repairs or installation. We’ll be leaving the dropped ceiling in place for now. Following are a couple of progress photos: carpet removal and false ceiling inspection:

Craft Room - Removing Carpet

Craft Room - Ceiling

Cleaning up the craft room floor took a lot of work. Under the carpet and padding was just plywood underlayment that had gotten wet several times. This made the foam padding stick to the plywood and caused lots of warping as well. Alex and I got all the padding scraped and scrubbed off eventually.

After getting to the last stage with the craft room floor, I decided to peak under the carpet in the dining room. The threshold between the two rooms showed some nice looking wood floor, but I wanted to verify that it extended beyond the doorway. Here is a before picture (the only before picture we have of the dining room) and the awesome wood floors hidden under the carpet:

Dining Room - Before

Dining Room - Floor

These floors are in great condition, just some final cleaning and a new sealant/wax/something on top and they’re good to go. There are the random paint marks, one looks intentional, but I’m okay with that - I like house with character.

So far, I’ve removed all the carpet tack strips and still need to get the staples up. I’m scrounging for some vinyl remnants that I can throw into the craft room for now. The proper thing to do would be the level out the floor (probably with new underlayment and leveling compound) before throwing down vinyl - but that isn’t in the cards for now.

I keep glancing at the library/sitting room and am itching to get that carpet up too, but will at least wait until the craft room and dining room is done. Chris was anxious about me pulling up the dining room before finishing the craft room, so I better not push my luck removing carpet in another room. I want to have the dining room completely done by Friday and maybe even do the sitting room in that time too. The craft room is waiting on finding some vinyl - I’m hitting up the Habitat for Humaninty ReStore later this week and checking out all the clearance bins too.

June 9, 2007

New Home Owners

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We’ve finally managed to buy a house! It is ours, all ours, and I’ve already started attacking it! Last night was the first time I was in it since signing all the paperwork on Thursday.

Seeing nothing better to do, I went ahead and ripped up the carpet in the craft room - wheee! I LOVE people who don’t used glue-on carpet — the carpet was so easy to remove. However, some water damage had deteriorated some of the padding, so Alex and I spent a long while scraping up the bits that didn’t come up easily. Today we’ll finish up the clean up and think about ripping up the carpet in the dining room and library too.

I was so excited about refinishing the wood floors in the craft room, and was pretty disappointed to see that there was nothing but plywood underlayment in that room. However, peeking under the edges in the library and dining room — looks like those floors still have original wood flooring. If I take up all the carpet, I’ll cross my fingers hoping that the wood flooring extends across the whole floor and not just those few inches I saw. For the craft room, I’ll just lay down some cork or vinyl flooring until we get around to putting in replacement wood floor.

We also pulled down some of the drop ceiling tiles and were stunned to see a perfect ceiling in place. “Did they put this up just to make the room feel more level? Thats too good to be true!” And of course, it was. About half way into removing the tiles, we discovered the finished ceiling had been ripped down to repair a leak or to install the bathtub plumbing. So much for taking the ceiling tiles down, guess we’ll keep the false ceiling after all.

I’m waiting on alex to get moving so we can go do some clean up and really just exist in the space and think about it (please get some real measurements for every single surface. :) Fun, fun, fun.

Yay, happy homeowners!

June 6, 2007

food focus

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i’m starting to slide back into my hyper-focused on food mode. it seems rather pendulous with major swings in favor of food-food-everything and bah-don’t-want-to-eat. perhaps it is because soon, very soon, I’ll actually have the time to cook again. we’ve been living on mac and cheese and eating out too much. for this month, the goal is to devour our food stores and reduce what we will be moved to the new house.

have i mentioned the house recently? we’re closing in two days, I’m nervous and excited and well — not sleeping (big surprise).