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May 31, 2007

cloth diapers and box stores

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for no reason in particular, i was scanning the baby section of the local large box store. seems they actually had packaged of cloth diapers - the pre-folded sort - for sale. Now, thats great for the parents that want to go that route, except that they didn’t carry diaper pins or covers. I guess it’s so obvious that people aren’t actually buying cloth diapers that they didn’t feel the need to sell all the necessary supplies to actually put them on a baby. Now, I know that many people use the cloth diapers for non-diapering purposes, but I still found it rather amusing. Plus, when I actually get to the diapering stage, we’ll be using cloth but not the pre-folded ones.

May 15, 2007

Craft Room Inspiration

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The new house is going to have a dedicated craft room, I’m so excited. Of course, it’s got hideous wallpaper and 50s carpet, but a craft space just the same.

Since I’m a hobby whore, I’ve got lots of crafts that must fit in the space. I need to include room for paper crafting, sewing, costuming, fiber arts, glass bead making and more. For now, I’m collecting links for inspirational ideas:

Country Living: Make a Craft Room: Photo Gallery of craft room ideas along with some suggestions.

Angie’s Itsy-Bitsy Sewing Room: Photo album sewing one seamstress working space. However, I must say that I’ve seen smaller: Closet or Sewing Room.

My Craft Room: Great photos and description of a paper artist.

My New Craft Room: Photo gallery of another crafter’s space. Perhaps an optimistic inspiration since I don’t have anywhere near that amount of space available.

My Scrapbook Nook/Craft Room: Another photo gallery for a paper artist. Chica has some awesome labeling going on, love all the labels. The shelves are packed full but appear to be very usable. I really wish there was a photo of the entire space, not just a full wall photo. I really want to know if it is just the side of a room or what. This is probably more in line with what I’ll end up with, perhaps it feels a bit cluttery, but seems like the best way to sort the crazy volume of stuff.

Dragonhome’s Craft Rooms, a history: Seems that this artist has had several different space for her crafts. Newest Room, Older Room, Oldest Room. Each page includes photos and written description of craft storage items and space.

Craft Storage: Written commentary on craft storage solutions with some low-quality photos. Interesting comments on using a bedroom as craft space.

Another My Craft Room: Photos of the use of wardrobes for storing craft supplies, however, no photos of the actual workspace.

My Sewing Room: Extensive photo gallery of this artists sewing and painting space. Majority of the pictures are of her supplies (if she ever wants to ebay-away everything, she’s all set), but there are overall space photos scattered throughout the gallery.

My Stampin Space: Photo gallery of a stamping artists space. She has done a good job using kitchen cabinets and counters to define her workspace. I think I’ll keep my ears open to anyone demolishing their kitchens and see if I can score some useful fixtures.

Sewing Room: Photo gallery of a quilters work space. I like the use of the bakers rack for materials and the customized ironing board that fits on the bakers rack shelf — I’m considering a similar approach for an ironing surface.

Laundry and Craft Room
: Before and after pictures, with commentary, of a multifunction space. I applaud any and all attempts to avoid uni-taskers, whether it is a room or kitchen gadget. Of course, I want a craft room for craft — but it should be able to manage multiple different types of crafts.

Flickr/Craftroom: Of course flickr would have a collection of craft room photos. There are lots of creative usage and placement ideas there. Check out sewingroom too. There is also a tag for workspaces, but that is a bit more broad than just craft/sewing rooms.

Craft Room Reorganization: A craft room with schematics, love it! Photos and some commentary on taming the crafting beast.

Craft Room Makeover: I’ve certainly been at a breaking point trying to figure out if my space is a craft area or a dumping ground. This artist tackles this question with his space.

My Craft Stuff: I wasn’t going to include this one and then I saw the star stencils on the wall. Just a couple of pictures of crafting supplies tucked into the corner of a room.

The Studio: Looks like a craft room fantasy - this will never happen in my space.

Craft and Sewing Rooms Archive at Design Talk: Great collection of posts, comments, and photos of sewing and craft rooms.

Craft Room Listings
: Someone else has compiled a list of craft rooms.

Craft Room Organization Links: Bunch of links, haven’t clicked through to see if they are useful or not.


Where Women Create: Awesome book showing the craft spaces of some women artists - good for suggestions, but I can’t help thinking that a carriage house dedicated to art/craft space is a bit out of reach (maybe!). I’ll hopefully write up the review soon.

Thats all for now, I need to get moving on to something else (like organizing my sewing space and packing to move!).

May 4, 2007

perculated passive persistence

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I’m probably way too passive in how I deal with the world. On many levels that seems like an absurd thought because I don’t feel passive in my social interaction or even at work. But when dealing with people in other areas, I always try to not make a fuss, not be overbearing, and to wait and see instead of pushing issues.

One area is with Alex and school. I’m always reluctant to really get pushy on things that I think she needs or should get. I always over-consider the reality that teachers have many children and feel that I should be overbearing or interfer too often.

However, there are points where that finally breaks down, like now. I’ve gone from being very patient, passive, and willing to wait and see without jumping up and down for attention. However, we’ve finally crossed a line and I’m tired of being the calm, rational, not-making-a-fuss parent. Now, I still don’t want to be “one of those moms” but I’ve decided that I need to kick into proactive, attentive mode and not be so willing to let things slide.

Things with Alex have been a continual challenge this year. At times I feel like beating my head against a wall and wonder just what I did that has led us to where we are. Of course, thats a bad approach because my depressive nature can list endless things that I’ve done wrong and it doesn’t help the situation. Regardless of what I could have done better, and there has been plenty in that category, I’ve got to start really figuring out what we need to do better now.

At these moment, the issue of whether or not Alex also has bipolar constantly comes up. At times, I’ll agree wholeheaterdly. But then I also drag my feet to making that conclusion definite. We’ve done many rounds of counseling/therapy for/with her and rarely the outcome improves. I’m committed to finding a counseling situation that helps her gain/improve her social and emotional skills but also in a holding pattern waiting for us to move. I don’t feel starting with a new therapist just to relocate in a couple months in is beneficial. Also, I’ll be taking time to finding one who passes some serious scrutinization cause I’m tired of spending money and time on therapists that never make any progress.

But, this post isn’t really about therapy options, but more about addressing social problems at school. While the year is winding down, I’m kicking more in gear for making some changes or strides with the problems she is having. I cringe when she tells me of some things that are going on and how I can’t help her. Also, since we’re also having honesty/integrity/responsibility problems at home, it seems to be a giant fly wheel of negativity that needs pressure relieved somewhere/somehow.

I’ve requested the fourth parent-teacher conference of the year and hopefully something positive will come of it. I’ve also insisted that the school counselor also see Alex and organized a classroom session to deal with some of the issues going on right now. I continue to try and offer suggestions to alex and need to work more in that area. Unfortunately, these issues seem like a jumbled mess of problems and it’s been hard to support her in areas when she continually undermines herself with lying at the same time.

I’ll even honestly, sheepishly admit that all of these issues and the past few years have really made me wonder if more children is good. I used to honestly believe that I was a great mom, but now feel that ended at some point and now I’m just barely holding anything together. While I try to think I’m still doing a decent job, I have these problems staring back at me and question everything.