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May 5, 2006

wedding invitations at the printers

Filed under: life — suzanne henderson @ 9:37 pm

well, they are at the printers but they are not being printed. We finally agreed on a style and decided that we really needed to get kicking on this since they should have been out last month — I feel I’ve probably said this already, wow, I’m so lame lately. So, they are getting scored and cut to the right side. This will make assembly much easier when all we have to do is attach fancy papers and the embellishments and maybe I’ll even print the inside just to save us a little more time. I told me mom we would have them out before she got here, but that might not be true after all. We may get them back this weekend if the printer can get to them, but otherwise it’ll be next week (not like I can do anything with them before next weekend anyways).

So, I bought one of the papers needed - pricey stuff fancy paper can be. And then I discovered that the other paper that I was wanting to use was not in stock anymore — freak out! So, Chris managed to order it online before I even made it home to really bitch about it. So, that is covered and we’ll be in production as soon as the invitation and order shows up. Also got envelopes that we can begin addressing, though the reality is that neither of us have really compiled that list despite the many times we’ve said we should. Megan agreed to help us address the couple hundred envelopes so hopefully it won’t take us too long — it’s that return address that I hate having to write over and over again.