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May 11, 2006

wedding help, on the way

Filed under: life — suzanne henderson @ 6:13 pm

My mom will be in town next week and we’ll be working double time on wedding stuff. Now, my original adamant declaration that I make my dress myself has gone out the window as I think about how much stuff still needs done. I certainly don’t want to let her take over, but I’ll certainly be using her help and will be happy to say that we made the dress together.

I actually called her today, hoping to have someone to talk to since things are feeling a little heavy right now, and we just talked for a bit. Think it is one of the first time I’ve really sought her out for support and I think that is a good thing. It was nice to brainstorm some of the things we’ll work on while she is here and also to hear her say “feel free to just tell me ‘mom, just leave me along for a little bit’ if you need to”. While I don’t think I’ll need to do that, I’m glad that she does at least perceive some of the stress that I’m feeling right now.

She is worried about me too, as mothers will do. But she worries that I’ve taken on too much and that I’ll make myself sick, mentally sick. I’ve been having a harder time sleeping lately, alternating nights of no sleep and sleeping pills, and days of headaches that is taking a bit of a toll on my spirits, but it is all still manageable and I’m not worried about things getting beyond control or “too much”.

And each day that passes is another day completed and progress is happening. So, I’m almost to a point where life will be easier just because school will be completed. Of course, as school ends, I add another task. Job applications and job interviews are filling the gaps where classes once were. Oh, how lovely the end of this year shall be when life has no more horizons full for looming tasks and obligations, just stress of making ends meet and fixing house problems with money we probably won’t have (it is good to have realistic expectations).

Oh yeah, PDF is coming up, did I mention that? And we get an extra day this year - so much for showing up early on Thursday since now it’ll simply be on time. ;)

And, closing got moved back to July 6th, 5 days post wedding sounds much better than 5 days pre wedding!!! Home inspection is Saturday at 1pm and I’ll have all my fingers crossed.

Oh what fun life is right now!!! Oh how I shall sleep when it is all done.