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November 9, 2006

Way to Go Make:

Filed under: life — suzanne henderson @ 3:22 pm

We’ve had a Make: subscription since it came out and we’re floored with the first couple issues. I thought it was just the coolest magazine ever. And then.. it got boring and dull — for me. I’m sure others still thought it was great, but I found the articles were getting to narrowly focused and we leaving out a good portion of their audience. There would be maybe one or two articles worth checking out but the majority of it was a waste of time.

And then, this month’s issue shows up and it is just like the very first few. I eagerly scanned the cover and decided to go to bed early just so I could start reading. I then read through the whole thing just to get up and take it to work so I could read it again. I’ve found more than 90% of the content worth reading word for word and really liked the projects included this time.

Thank you Make, I was getting underwhelmed and you’ve kicked up the notch and brought back the variety that I love. Oh, and the article on Nikola Tesla didn’t hurt either.

Side note: Make came out with a Craft magazine as well – I’ve not decided my opinion on it yet. The first issue wasn’t all that impressive and I’m hoping it’ll improve as time goes on. However, I think that they may have made a mistake in trying to split the occasionally crafty aspect out of the original format. Variety is good. Narrow focuses are not as good.