spectating participant

October 24, 2006


Filed under: creative, life — suzanne henderson @ 2:25 pm

Dark whispers suggesting imperfection, hurried gestures coercing disenchantment, bruised egos drawing silence. Sitting with the misty haze of damp, wet clouds waiting to fold over and fog out the rest of the day – hush, not another word – hush, not another minute – hush, not another. Disconnect between emotion and rationalization of circumstance, holding back, yet teetering too close to the edge. Pushing boundaries and feeling a give, something being pulled, tension mounting, strands exploding with jerks and sways and temporary security for one more day.

Pulling it all together should be easier, should be simpler, should be second nature – should be? Over extended expectations swirling the water, hiding things shiny, things broken, things unexplored. Tension creaking, cracking, tumbling through the air. What choices can be made, what alterations can be made, what options can be made.

Wait, hush, wait, speak, wait, hush, wait and wait and wait for…