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April 2, 2006

throwing weight around

Filed under: life — suzanne henderson @ 12:09 pm

This weekend is the mass diet plan for the stuff in the warehouse. Of course, that just means that it is going to be drug over to the workshop until the giant sale (or the first of two sales) where real progress will (hopefully) be made. There are some pretty big machines appearing down at the workshop and luckily one massive drill press going away today.

The overall mass of these items are amazing; thousands and thousands of pounds for one machine that just looks like a mini-borg ship assimilating all available space. I totally understand why Chris calculates all sales and distribution by weight and not price. He doesn’t say “I sold $500 worth of stuff”. Instead, it is a comment of “I sold 500 pounds worth of stuff.” Now, I’m not sure which is better — guess it just depends on the point of view. It is more important to rake in as much cash from everything or more important to lose some weight? It is a balance between the two but the weight issue is certainly pulling the scale down a little bit more.