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March 12, 2006

the right point of view

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I’ve finally finished a paper, due last week, for my method and theory archaeology class. All it took was some beautiful weather, a table set up outside, and a great view to get it accomplished.

hold on, starting to rain, gotta get stuff inside…

Okay, where was I? Oh yes, i set up a work space in the beautiful weather and went to work for hours on end, time passing unnoticed except by the twittering of birds, and got my paper done. Now, my paper turns out to be a bit longer than the 1500 word suggestion but I pared it down as much as I could and feel that I do a damn good job in the 2800 words that I use. I find it amusing to be having such a problem since I usually find that I can say what I need to say in less, rather than more. However, I felt that to truly answer the assignment, it need a little more detailed analysis. Hopefully it’ll turn out okay, hopefully I didn’t go in the wrong direction, hopefully I’ll still get a perfect score on it just like the last one.

Now, I do have 3 midterms this week that need my attention, but I am insisting on a well deserved break and am taking care of some other matters that I have been letting slip by, like budget! (Yes, dealing with finances is indeed a reward)