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February 2, 2006

The California Wine Country Diet: Honest Help

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The California Wine Country Diet: Honest Help

This is a very well written and thorough review of the [California Wine Country Diet] book. I think I will check it out if it ever makes it to my library to give a good once over myself. I’m not a fan of “dieting” and instead have found that a sound diet (and consistent exercise) is the key to improved health.

Another book I want to check out is [Body Clutter]. This is written by the woman who wrote [Sink Reflections] and the woman who wrote [Saving Dinner] — both who are related to the [flylady] method I’m always raving about. I’ve requested that my library get a copy and am patiently waiting for it to be ordered. However, I just might decide to pick it up off the bookstore shelf since i’ve been reading so many wonderful reviews and testimonials about it on the FlyLady mailing list.