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July 18, 2006

That Girl Emily

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That Girl Emily

Found a link to this site from a personal finance blog — guess it isn’t really money related — and found it amusing enough. The blogger that linked it commented on the sadness of the situation, but I guess I’ve just been “blogging” too long to actually believe that any of it is true. Now, of course, I’ll give some credit that I could be wrong and that it would indeed suck, but the frequency of the posts and the way every day seems to flow so smoothly, just doesn’t add up to me. Much less, having your world break like that doesn’t lend itself to vigorous posting and such a well developed plan ready and in action.

Storytelling is a fine art form, I’ve no issue with people developing blogs of fictitious events that are amusing to read, but they do remain in the amusement category without any consideration of concern about the events entailed.