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December 6, 2006

technical mind glaze

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I am coming to the reluctant realization that I am not a geek. I was once a geek, but that reality has faded into jumbled collection of code-unreadable. When I met Chris, I was thrilled to find someone else who was not a geek — well, kind of. I was ecstatic to find someone that didn’t have a laptop tether to their wrist for a large chunk of the day. I loved how we’d talk about all sorts of strange things that never involved computers or the internet, to some degree.

That really hasn’t changed, but there is an ever increasing technical element that sometimes oozes out and drowns every interest receptor I have. Now, I’m glad that he can make sense out of all this antenna stuff - it is great when you’re working at an antenna design firm. But, when it comes down to explaining the intricate details — I really don’t want to hear it. Also, when I excuse myself from the conversation about blah-da-phase-beam-du-da-array-whatcha-call-it, I really don’t expect to have the intricacies described, with imagines and charts, as a way to bring about understanding and engaged participation.

It doesn’t help that all this antenna work really just looks like someone decided to doodle out geometric patterns with a copper pen. Nothing they make looks like my impression of an antenna. The only development I’ve seen, even remotely resembling an antenna, would easily be confused as a clothes drying rack. But, antennas is what the man does and I’m just gonna have to hear about them. And, I guess, it’ll also be my place to sympathize when a finished measurement is just one or two centimeters too big and an entire years worth of work must start back at square one. Yes, I want to be supportive and clearly need to work on putting an interested face on when these topics of conversation surface.