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February 7, 2006

taste buds

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I think Alex is starting to evolve her palette. She has been ordering off adult menus for a while now, no big deal there; however, she is now ordering new things every time we go out. Last night I asked her where she wanted to go out and eat — Olive Garden. Now, this doesn’t fit in with my preferred places anymore but she argued that it had been “forever” since we’ve been there and talked me into going. Now, I was a little disappointed in the selection because she has never had an interest in ordering off the adult menu and I find their child selections a little dull. But, with a quick glance at the menu something jumped right out at her — pork tenderloin. Eek, she would be picking something several dollars more than my dish, but I was happy to see the excitement and daringness in trying new things.

I took a while for the food to show up, longer than it should have I would soon notice. Alex ends up with a large plate full of roasted potatoes and a slab or pork tenderloin. She was pretty excited about it because she is really into pork these days (good thing cause we’re having pork chops for dinner). But I noticed that she only took one bite and didn’t seem interested in having another. Thinking it was because they’d failed to give her a knife capable of cutting, I asked and received a knife better suited for a meat entree. I then tried a bite and ick! it was quite terrible. In fact, I think it takes considerable work to make pork *that* dry and chewy. The reduction sauce was unflavorful and detracted from the leathery meat. I totally understood why she didn’t want it. Now, the waitress who was shocked that she would order such a dish seemed to take the assumption that it was just finicky child that didn’t like it. She thought it was also “just too much” for Alex to eat to which I responded that the problem was that the meat was overly dry and didn’t taste good. But, I suppose that since it was a child’s order, it didn’t matter. Now, the dish that I always order was also pretty bad. I don’t know if it is because I’ve gotten used to eating at good restaurants or that they were having a really crappy night in the kitchen. However, it certainly crosses that place of the maybe-possible dining list.