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May 9, 2006

so we’ve got a house, but I’m not getting excited yet

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So the house offer negotiating has ended and we’re going ahead with buying the house. However, the loan product we’re using, to allow us the most flexibility in terms of financing, has some strict requirements on the condition of the property and they may say that x, y, z must be fixed. The seller will fix nothing, as he has stated, and we’ve said that we’d fix minor things if the home inspection doesn’t turn up anything serious.

I should be more excited, but I guess that I am worried that the inspection will simply give us some horrible condition that we can’t manage. I feel the house is in pretty good condition, at least, as good as you’d expect for a house this is over 100 years old — and for a house that is pretty close to 200 years old (!). The original structure was built in 1818 and I think the addition was added in 1900 — the listing gives the date as 1900 but the tax records disagree. Also, it is currently occupied by a tenant that has been there since 1998 and while that isn’t such a bad thing, the fact that these are smoking tenants is. All carpet must go and the walls need some serious scrubbing to help ease out the smell.

So, I guess I’ll just wait and see how the home inspection goes. Guess I gotta find time to go to that in the middle of finals, oh what fun! However, I must say that life feels like it is sorta calming down or maybe it is the calm before the storm. Having made some progress on invitations and finals looming (and school will thereafter be OVER!) I’m feeling pretty good.

I sure hope this house things works out cause I do like the place and, well unfortunately, there is nothing else on the horizon.