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March 2, 2006

Sitting Pretty: Fountain of Youth

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Sitting Pretty: Fountain of Youth

I’ve added this book to my upcoming reading list. It has been mentioned on several pages that I’ve read and sounds like I’ll be able to identify with it to some extent. Of course, being a new book, my library doesn’t have it yet and my full-time student budget and buying a house plans have limited my book buying budget to about nothing.

I’m a big fan of the public library and love being able to get books through this service, but it means waiting for new books. I also like to support authors, but I tend to reserve that to books that I’ve been able to check it out and decide that it is worth buying. Considering the number of books I read — far more than I manage to review — I must use this method. Otherwise, i would be spending all of my budget to keep up with my reading interests.