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February 3, 2006


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yes, more [flylady] stuff…

I’m on the FlyLady announcement list and the discussion list. The announcement list has an incredible volume of emails coming out of it, mostly because they try to send you emails throughout the day to remind you to do something. Great for the person who is doing nothing but sitting around the house all day — which is a contradiction to the whole purpose of [FLYing] — but not so useful for those of us drowning in email. I ignore those emails and I’ll eventually get around to filtering them out. However, there are also “testimonials” that get passed along. These are ofte nice little bits of encouragement that I is probably quite helpful and encouraging to many members. I find some of them to be redundant and unnecessary but am occasionally struck by one. Of course, regardless of how redundant I see them as, I think they are an important element to the whole system because encouragement and inspiration is essential to maintaining momentum.

But, the other day I read one where someone was actually complaining about having to do the routines. They are redundant, thats the whole point, and although they may feel constrictive they are really a tool to allow more freedom through out the day. So, if someone is feeling all rebellious because the routine says to get up and do x, y, and z they may decide to skip it. But, come late in the day when they’ve glanced at the x, y, and z that isn’t done it starts to weigh on their mind. And pretty soon, instead of being able to enjoy the free time they should be having, they are then having to pull a chunk out of the day to get it done. For people who don’t care about those things, this doesn’t really matter. But, for those who care enough to get annoyed at the once-a-month clean-till-you-drop and giving up an entire day or weekend, it might pull a little weight. And, for those who’ve done the routines may say that it seems silly to do some things every day if something doesn’t look like it *needs* it. But, why wait until you bathroom sink is looking gross, why not just keep it clean to begin with?

Oh yeah, and the real disclaimer, I don’t actually do the routines *every* day. I do them most days and notice that those days move so much more smoothly than the days that I get lazy. In fact, this is one of those lazy days and it is somewhat absurd that I’m talking about routines while I’m not actually doing my routines. But, I’ll blame it on skipping the bedtime routine where I write what I am going to do the next day — without that note I am now floundering and killing time wondering where to start my day. I think it’d be best to get the routine going, even if it is a little late, and then see where that leads. Plus, it’ll only take 15 minutes. :)