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July 20, 2006

ridiculously happy

Filed under: family, life — suzanne henderson @ 3:10 pm

I’m ridiculously happy and deliriously in love, in all the right ways. I love this feeling, just the ability to stop in the middle of walking to the mail box to smile at life, the ability to catch a flicker of light while driving and laugh out loud, the ability to just let time pass with a grin lingering on my face. This happiness isn’t new for me, I love how long I’ve found life enjoyable, even when things kinda suck. It is wonderful being able to love as I do, for it can be so simple at times and yet so delicately complex with endless intricacies to make me laugh, grin, and smile. Chris makes me smile, but more, he makes me laugh, laugh out loud, laugh until I cry, and makes each day great. Life feels wonderfully good right now, even with all its challenges, its stress, and complications. I’m happy and treasure the fact that life doesn’t have to perfect or in proper order to be happy and that even when stressed and lacking sleep, I can still be happy.